Why Choose Belarus as a Medical Destination?


Every MBBS aspiring dream hopes to get admission in India’s best medical university, but unfortunately, everyone’s vision has not become a reality. However, it would help if you considered the goals you cannot achieve and look forward to opportunities to provide you with equal opportunities for professional development. It is where you should consider choosing MBBS in Belarus.

About Country

Belarus is a landlocked country surrounded by other countries. Russia is in the northeast, Russia is in the south, Poland is in the west, and Latvia is in the northwest. On August 25, 1991, Belarus gained independence from the Soviet Union. Although the official language of Belarus is Belarusian, all courses are taught in English, so it counts the proper convenience of foreign students. Studying MBBS in this country is becoming popular with the coming time who wants to do MBBS in Europe.

Studying medicine and surgery is the right choice. The top medical universities in Belarus guarantee a successful medical career and cost less than Russia, Ukraine, China, and other countries. Belarus is one of the few countries that regard education as one of its top tasks and value the development of education. The government pays special attention to keeping up to date with the latest developments in the education field. Due to this factor, it is well known that Belarus provides high-quality medical education for students who choose MBBS in Belarus.

Study in Belarus

The continuous efforts of the Belarusian government have made Belarus one of the ideal study destinations. Higher education institutions, such as universities are equipped with various modern facilities. After completing higher education in Belarus, students will receive a bachelor, and master’s degrees recognized worldwide.

MBBS in Belarus

The MBBS course in Belarus lasts for 6 years. All the academic instructions and courses are purely in English for International Students. In Belarus, the Indian Medical Council has recognized many universities, some of which are listed in our article. In addition, if you compare medical studies in India and other countries (such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, and Russia), then studying MBBS in Belarus is cost-effective. Tuition, travel, accommodation rent, and food are all economical in Belarus. MBBS aspirants must obtain a score of at least 60% in category 12 and must be eligible for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam to be admitted to a Belarusian medical school or university.


What is the MBBS Course Duration in Belarus?

International students always want a clear understanding of the duration of courses at Belarusian Medical University. The MBBS course at Belarusian University lasts for 6 years. Last year, an affiliated hospital in Belarus will launch an internship program. Therefore, it takes at least 6 years to study MBBS for Indian students in Belarus.

Can Indian Students Receive Scholarships to Study MBBS in Belarus?

Financial issues are one reason why some students may not explore the option of studying MBBS in Belarus. Compared with private medical schools in India, medical schools in Belarus have lower education costs. In addition, Belarusian universities do not accept any donations. Students with excellent grades can also choose to apply for scholarships at the Belarusian Medical Universities.


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