Why eCommerce Businesses must Choose VPS Peru Over Shared Hosting?

Why eCommerce Businesses must Choose VPS Peru Over Shared Hosting?

Choosing an ideal web hosting for your eCommerce store can be a tiring task, particularly when you don’t have the technical knowledge. The business owners in Peru who are looking to start a new online business, are unaware of the differences and benefits of VPS vs Shared Hosting. So, the likelihood of choosing the wrong plan is very high.

Most new entrepreneurs start with Shared Hosting since it is highly accessible and comes at a very reasonable price. But as the business gets popular and starts attracting customers, the Shared Network gets out of its limits. The website speed slows down and the bounce rate significantly rises, that’s when you realize, you must have chosen a superior Web Hosting.

VPS Peru is better than Shared Hosting in every term and is the Best Choice for New eCommerce Businesses. Whether you are launching a new website or upgrading your existing plan, VPS Hosting Peru by Serverwala will lead to long-term growth.

Below we have explained various reasons to choose VPS Peru in the first place or upgrade to it from Shared Hosting.

Improved Performance with Dedicated Resources

In VPS Peru your website will be host with multiple others on the same server, but you won’t be sharing the same set of resources. Unlike Shared Hosting, VPS divides the server into multiple virtual networks with separate resources and operating system.

With more resources and no sharing, the performance of the website improves.

In Shared Hosting, a few web hosts claim to offer unlimited Disk Space, but actually, the resources are divide on a “Fair Share” basis. It implies that every website over the server gets a limited or fair amount of resources. While in VPS Hosting you may choose your plan or expand the resources as per your needs.

More Control through Root Access

The requirement of one business is always different from the other. So, accordingly, the tools and software require are also different. You may need some alteration in the configurations or software over your server. For instance, you might need additional plugins or run complex coding. But without root access all of these is impossible.

In Shared Hosting, you don’t have the access to make changes on your server. As numerous websites are using the same resources, so giving root access to any of the users may cause a security risk. Hence, you have to settle with the software your web host provides, you can’t get additional tools for meeting your business needs. However, Peru VPS allows you to deploy extra software by giving you the root control.

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Faster Loading Speed and Better Rankings

In Shared Hosting dozens of websites compete for a given set of server resources. It ultimately impacts the speed and performance particularly when the traffic spikes. Even, if your website has low traffic, the speed may drop down when any other shared website, experiences a traffic surge.

The slow loading speed may adversely impact the position of your web pages. Since the loading time has a huge role to play in website rankings. As per the Google Algorithmic Update in 2010, website loading speed is an important metric for ranking pages in the SERPs.

There are various tools and even in Google Search Console, you can find out if there is an issue with your Page Speed.

When you use Shared Hosting, you have your private resources and unique IP Address. The website speed is not affected by what someone else does over your server. Therefore, the l speed of your website is faster in VPS Hosting as compared to Shared Hosting

So, if you want to accomplish higher rankings and more organic traffic to your website then you must upgrade to VPS Hosting in Peru.

Premium Customer Support

With Peru VPS Hosting, renowned web hosts like Serverwala, provide excellent technical support. In Shared Hosting when you raise a support ticket, you are queued in the line of response and sometimes the resolution of the problem may take hours. For urgent matters or during peak traffic hours you will need immediate support, else you may suffer through huge revenue loss.

VPS Hosting ensures faster support as compared to Shared Hosting which leads to early solving of queries.

Easy Management of Traffic Surges

Every business loves higher website traffic. Since higher traffic increases the rate of conversion which ultimately leads to greater business revenue. But in Shared Hosting when there is a traffic surge it may lead to a huge loss of revenue.

With Shared Hosting you get limited resources and bandwidth, so when the traffic rises your bandwidth-limited gets exhausted, and the website crashes.

Hence, every eCommerce Store must opt for the Peru VPS plan. Whether you have launched an offer or some popular website featured you, no matter what is the reason for traffic rise, you will have the resources required to manage it. With no other website utilizing your share of resources, VPS easily handles huge traffic.

Final Words

We can’t ignore the fact that Peru VPS Hosting costs more than Shared Hosting, but when comparing the number of benefits received the extra expense is completely worthful.

Even with Shared Hosting, you may suffer a huge loss of potential customers and revenue during downtimes and slow speed. Hence, you must opt for VPS Hosting in the first place to maintain the smooth performance of your website.


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