Why Losing Weight is necessary for taking steroids

Sometimes people tend to overestimate what steroids can do. Some people might think steroids are some magical concoctions that are going to give you a ripped and chiseled physique overnight. But it doesn’t work that way. What makes you get the physique of your dream is through the cycles. And it is in your hands what you make out of the cycles and make them less or more effective. And of course, investing in only high-quality steroids.

Here is a detailed guide for you to know why you must lose weight first before you start taking steroids:

The Best Time to Take Steroids

If you think that you should lose your excess weight before starting your prohormone or steroid cycle, you are right. Although some steroids could help you lose weight, a large number of them are more inclined towards making you heavier.

The main concept is that taking steroids is going to get you muscle mass, but there is no denying that some of it is going to be fat. This is because you consume a lot more calories in a day when you are on steroids than otherwise. When you consume additional calories, you are bound to get additional weight. And that is going to lead to fat on your body.

However, this is not a major concern for most of the bodybuilders when they are cycling as they understand that the pre-cycle is important for bulking and cutting. And also keep the extra muscle that you have gained. But this works only for those who began their steroid journey with low body weight – 19% or less.

In case you are over-weight and have a body-fat percentage of 25% or higher, you should begin your cycle after you have lost some fat. A fat person who takes steroids is going to be stronger, but appearance-wise they are going to look just a regular fat person.

What is the best way to burn body fat?

The first thing that you need to do, if you want to burn body fat, is focusing on your body mass index BMI. BMI is the measure of body fat in adults. It is not your weight on the scale. You must have a BMI of less than 25%. And if you want to look good then having 15% or less is ideal.

Here is how you can burn fat effectively:

Getting more sleep

Getting sufficient sleep is necessary. The University of Oxford studied the sleeping patterns of more than half a million people to determine the minimum amount of sleep that people need. The findings of the study were between 7-8 hours. But you need at least 7 hours. Not getting enough sleep could damage both your physical and mental health. 0% of people can survive on having less than 7 hours of sleep.

Protein Consumption

Rather than eating carbohydrates per day, you should focus more on getting your calories via protein. You should try to focus on consuming about 50% of your calories through eating proteins. And then 25% from fats and then 25% or less from consuming carbs.

Drinking Cold Water

Drinking water is essential to your health. And it has plenty of benefits too. But when you want to burn fat, drinking cold water can bring amazing results. How? Well, when you are trying to lose weight, the body needs to burn the extra calories to digest it.

This is how you can lose all the extra weight that you have on your body and get to steroids. Steroids come with both benefits and risks. The key is taking steroids of the best quality, and that too, in the right amounts. Only then you can get the desired results.

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