Senior citizen tour package to Gujarat

Gujarat is a splendid state for anyone. You should travel to this state if you have never gone there. Talking about a popular city called Ahemdabad, it is a regal city and enjoys a distinct place in the hearts of both the people who live here and who have ever visited this piece of land.  On one hand, where the place gets you back to extensive history of India with its antique memorials, on the other hand, Ahemdabad speaks much about its varied tradition and culture through its constructions.

Even if you are senior citizen, you should not break your desires and force your desires down. You can always go to new places and explore them  no matter what. You can check out Senior citizen tour package to Gujarat and have a good experience. Such a tour would be meant for you. Of course, it would have only the elderly or senior citizen people as a part. Hence, you can have a rich and exciting experience. Once you go through the different cities and parts of this state, you are going to have a good time for sure. You would get to learn about so many things that were never been on your mind. If you even wish to experience some spirituality then you can pay a visit to spiritual spots like:

Sidi Sayed Mosque

You know, The Mosque is one of the most delightful monuments in Ahmedabad. The mosque is placed in northeast area of Bhadra Fort and is somewhat popular for its grand latticework over its splendid yellow sandstone. The chief highlight of this stunning mosque is twin jails that are engraved on the western wall that displays intertwining of tree branches. The spectacular carving is well esteemed as it has been done with amazing taste.


Then this  Temple is located in Gandhinagar that is somewhat twenty five kilometres from Ahemdabad . The shrine is devoted to Swaminarayan and it is the best example of current day architecture and panache.  The Akshardham has been considered to be a place of illumination, enlightenment and even that of enjoyment too. More than two million individuals are assessed to visit this spiritual spot every single year. The distinct attractions of this temple are its ten story tall golden idol of Swaminarayan and even that of wholesome artistic look. This is the temple that caters a stylish, peaceful, and mystical ambience.


This is the temple that is called Hare Krishna Mandir. The temple enjoys the architectural chic of Gujarat Sompura coupled with splendid Rajasthani Kamira. This temple is dotted   on a wide 4 acre land dotted with amazing gardens, inspiring flora, and fresh fountains. This temple is devoted to Krishna and Radha but it also has the idols of varied other divinities of Hindu mythology too.


So, when you have an amazing Gujarat senior citizen tour package , you must not miss out on it. It could be a great experience for you with people who are of your age. After all, such are the times that can be memorable for life.


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