Why We Use Birthstones?


May of the people especially women always display keen interest in wearing birthstones with a reason to look attractive and beautiful. There is important factor that you all have to ponder over is that the birthstones are not only related to a specific month but they have obscure meaning that affects the life of the wearers. We are here presenting a summarized  guide that will sure a milestone for those who have already knowledge of these stones and for beginners it will be a  key to every lock related to gemstones to know name, meaning and color of specific birthstone.

Birthstones Jewelry

Birthstones are used in jewelry to enhance the outlook of the jewelry and dedicate a specific meaning to that jewelry item when stone is embedded in it. Birthstone jewelry gives strength to the relationship when it is delivered to their loved one on special days like birthday, anniversary etc in the forms of the gifts. These small acts make live memorable and more enjoying entity of the life. Birthstone jewelry is available in the market in the following forms.

  • Birthstone Rings
  • Birthstone Earrings
  • Birthstone Bracelets
  • Birthstone Necklaces

Selection of gemstone’s color is yours. The one that has date of birth between 20 March and 21 April has open option to select the Aries Birthstone Color and other one has date of birth between 23 September and 23 October can use Libra Birthstone color .

It has come in observation that most of the ladies are fond of wearing the gemstone without knowing their meaning and potential effects. They wear such items of jewelry to keep themselves consistent with the fashion trends and to match their each attire, shoe with jewelry item. Some of the jewelry items are worn on contrast. It is very good for wearer of gemstone jewelry if she knows the meaning and potential benefits of the stone that she is only using for fashion. Below is the descriptive knowledge about the gemstones by months.

Birthstones Meaning and Colors by Months


According to the birthstones chart Garnet is birthstone for the people who are born in the month of January. The most popular color of this gemstone is reddish brown but other colors like pink, purple, violet, green, yellow, orange brown black are also used by the Capricornian. Here we want to add that this stone is also found colorless. This natural master piece is symbol of devotion, balance, purification, love and strong delicate feeling. It protects the wearers from the nightmares.


Amethyst is the February birthstone having natural ability to protect the wear from the intoxication. It develops a state of mental tranquility in the wearers. It creates a bond of love among the people. It exits in various colors like dark violet, pale lavender and in tone of deep purple. It enables and maintains balance mindset of the wearer.


Birthstone dedicated for March is Aquamarine. The attractive color for this birthstone is from pale to deep blue. As Aquamarine has deep concern with water and it save the wearers from danger of sea traveling and often sailors preferably wear this gemstone for danger free sailing across the sea. This birthstone has shown very good results for diseases of liver, stomach and mouth.


Diamond is April birthstone and is the most popular birthstone. The diamond jewelry is often presented as gift to the loved ones as it is the most precious jewelry on the planet. Because of its sparking characteristic it used in engagement and wedding rings. Diamond has no color but often found in white color. It is the hardest stone and is used in the industry to cut the glass material.


Emerald is May birthstone with rich green color of spring. It also exits in colors of yellow and blue undertone. It is symbol of wisdom, dignity, and scores high level success in love. This birthstone is proved well in spiritual healing. This stone is found rare and is gemstone of royals.


Three birthstones are dedicated to this month that is Pearl, Alexandrite and Moon stone. But out of these three the most popular and considerable is Pearl. All other birthstones are mined except this gemstone that is found in salt water oysters and fresh water calms.

This stone is sign of happiness, love and success and found more sensitive to the elements like acid, humidity and dryness.


Ruby the king of birthstones is dedicated to this month. Red ruby is the most popular and attractive that brings good fortune and saves the wearers from evil notions. It is also symbol of love and passion and its value depends on color and quality.


The birthstone for this month is Peridot has olive green color. This gemstone displays similarity with the Emerald in color but it can save the wearers from bad dreams if they wear this gemstone with the gold. It also develops creative ideas in the wearers if it is used for long duration.


The Sapphire is costly like diamond and Emerald is September birthstone is often used in engagement rings because of its attractive colors. It is mostly found in the colors green, pink, white and yellow etc. it is symbolizes loyalty, trust and faithfulness.


Libra birthstone is Opal that is found with the traits of hope and innocence and it is strong faith that it brings happiness and healing to all. It exits in change of colors that can be black color owned with traces of red and yellow.


The people that have date of birth in this month are the owners of the Citrine and Topaz. Topaz exits in orange color with pink undertones. It develops the characteristics of consistency in all disciplines of life with sincerity. Moreover, it symbolizes friendship.


The people who born in the month of December have three birthstones that are Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise.  If we compare Zircon with diamond, its price is very low and is found in many colors but the most used color is blue with characteristics of happiness and good fortunes experienced by the wearers.


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