Hobby in College

Why You Should Have a Hobby in College

Hobbies help us become the best version of ourselves and they can play a great part in your college experience.

1. Importance of Having a Hobby in College

Finding an activity you are passionate about makes you feel passionate about life itself. This is why hobbies become an integral part of our lives. But, having a hobby in college results in even more practical benefits.

Enhances your skills

Some hobbies require creativity and if you develop creativity, it will help you experience the world differently. The skill of being creative is essential in today’s world so it will be a big plus once you’re on the job market.

Boosts your self-confidence

It’s no secret that being good at something makes us feel good and feeling good makes us feel confident. Whatever you choose to pursue, all that matters is that you feel passionate about it. If you can add a sense of purpose to it, you will take the story to a whole new level as your hobby can end up shaping your entire life.

Allows you to de-stress

Managing stress is perhaps one of the most important things we all need to learn to be able to cope with life. Knowing how to de-stress is essential for staying mentally productive and physically healthy.

2. Best Hobbies for College Students

When it comes to hobbies, the possibilities are endless. College can be expensive, but it doesn’t mean you should miss out on having fun and having a hobby will make sure you don’t.

The one thing that the below hobbies have in common is that they won’t cost you a fortune, or they might even not cost you anything at all.


Do you have something to say? Put it on paper and see how it goes. Don’t pressure yourself into being the next Hemingway, as the simple process of writing your thoughts on paper can be very therapeutic. If you are talented, you can even make some money as many businesses will gladly pay you to create content for their website or blog. Also, you can get help from cv writers london for amazing writing work.

With a bit of luck, this can become your side hustle or full-time job that can be done anywhere in the world.


Many people don’t realize how fun cooking can be until they try it out. Just look at all those people who discovered the art of cooking during self-quarantine last year and created some pretty impressive blogs and Instagram profiles. Besides ensuring you eat healthily and give your body the nutrients it needs, it with also save you money as eating in will suddenly look much better than eating out.


Before you say that you don’t have a yard, know that urban gardens are becoming increasingly popular these days. You can start small by growing some herbs and enjoy the smell along with free spices. Gardening benefits our mental health while also ensuring we get a sufficient dose of the powerful vitamin D. If you plant specific plants, they can even act as a shade for your home which can help you save money on your United Illuminating bill.


Meditation can be as simple as focusing on your breath and it can significantly benefit your mental health. If you feel overwhelmed with thoughts, there are many free apps and guided meditations on YouTube you can listen to.

Physical activity

Sports has been around since the beginning of mankind for a reason. It benefits our body and mind. Whichever one you opt for, it will get your endorphins going and make you stronger. If you don’t like intensive workouts, but enjoy moving, you can dance it away! If you prefer a calmer pace, there are many kinds of yoga, from soothing yin yoga to vibrant kundalini yoga. With so many courses online and free YouTube videos, you have a whole new world to discover and find the practice that suits you best.


Hobbies have a positive impact both on your personal and professional life. The significance of creating a balanced lifestyle cannot be overstated and having a hobby will ensure you don’t lose sight of things that bring you joy. At the end of the day, what is life without joy and passion?