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Guest Post Guidelines

We receive tons of guest posts. And we do not have time to review all of them. So now we’ve devised a system for anybody to be able to submit one in real time. Remember, we’ve been online since 2018 and have a pretty high Domain and Page Authority.

Also, we have become quite good in spotting spinoffs, plagiarized and articles that are too common knowledge. So if you have one of these, don’t even try.

How to submit a Guest Post:

We like articles that are meant to be read by humans. This means that it should have that human, friendly “tone”. As if you’re speaking directly to someone. Like what we’re doing right now.

Topics We Cover

  • Startup’s
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Small business ideas
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Success stories
  • Business

No Casino, Gambling, Pharma or Adult Content

We do not accept these articles – because it’s out of our niche. Please do not submit these articles, or articles with links to them. We will take the article down and will NOT published.

Give us posts that are well crafted, interesting and helpful. Your topic doesn’t have to be entirely unique – but we’d like to know what’s your take on it. For example, content sharing is a pretty common subject, but this guy tells it in his own way “Why your content isn’t being shared“.

In addition, below are the official terms for your article:

Terms and Conditions

  • Must have at least 1 image (from an external source)
  • 3 links maximum (all do-follows)
  • We have the right to edit your post for bad grammar, spelling etc.
  • No Casino, Adult or Pharma links / content
  • Voice, tone, and style: an article should have a clear voice tone, easy to read and simple writing style.
  • Word count and formatting requirements: An article should contain at least 600 words for being accepted. Use proper headlines, bullet points, numeric list, and bold keywords.
  • Topics your blog covers and examples of popular posts: An article should be based on the topics we cover in our magazine. Read our latest articles about your area of expertise in order to better understanding.
  • Images and media expectations: Use only high-quality, Copyrighted and Free for license images. For example Pexels.com, Pixabay.com, and Google free for commercial use.
  • Links and author bio: You can link to your blog pages and high authority source page. Don’t use unnecessary links until it is not required. You can also send us your website link for author bio.