15 kVA Diesel Generators

The 15 kVA diesel generator is small in size but carries plenty of energy in it. It has aspirated business diesel engines with advanced efficiency and working economy. Its Inner vibration isolation feature eliminates the need for under-unit vibration spring isolators.

A generator is a compact hardware, inclusive of an engine and an alternator / electric powered generator, used to offer electricity.

Generators used in developing areas and in locations in which energy lines are not to be had and wherein blackouts can cause particularly top-notch or dangerous troubles are very important.

15kVA diesel generator specification:

BrandKirloskar, honda, Mahindra, koel, Kohler, etc
Power rating15 kVA
OutputSingle-phase, three-phase
TypeAutomatic, semi-automatic
No. of cylinder2or 3
Method of coolingAir and water cooling
Frequency50 Hz
InsulationClass H
Voltage320 V
ApplicationCommercial and industrial


A 15kVA generator is exceptional in first-rate with unmarried section and three-phase generator in diverse fields as in commercial company obligations at sites, Home appliances, etc. you could use you all tool by the usage of 15kVA generator for rent. A few features of the game which is beneficial consistent with user’s requirements such as :

  • High-pleasant components
  • High working temperature tolerance
  • Easy, speedy and smooth coolant refilling
  • Excellent accessibility and superior serviceability
  • Quiet generator usable rustproof canopy
  • Fuel clear out separator for gold-standard performance
  • Best in class gasoline economy
  • Lowest in lube. Oil consumption ensuing in longer life of an engine
  • Low exhaust emission value i.e eco friendly
  • Enriched block loading capability to endure jerk loads
  • Rouged & strong in production for this reason lesser vibrations
  • Modular production for clean interchangeability & handy PM
  • Powder-coated canopy with Glossy finish giving the esthetic appearance to the product

Benefits of 15kVA diesel generator

One of the benefits of diesel Genset is that for the reason that diesel motor works on the guideline of thumb of self-start, it makes less fierce weight changes than a flash lit gas motor. Also, diesel gasoline has an immoderate glimmer point that effects in reduced blasts or flames.

Since simply air is packed in internal ignition engines, less diesel is needed than petrol, wherein both air and oil are compacted. Along those lines, it scores high on eco-friendliness. What’s more, gas wastage is decreased than other gasoline motors. For the equal kWh of energy delivered, the charge of diesel engine gas is ready 40% no longer as a good deal as that of fuel motors.

  • Diesel generators have a time frame of sensible usability and espresso performing costs whenever stored up routinely.
  • Diesel Gensets have fewer assets due to their much much less complicated development than gas Genset.
  • Diesel is more low cost than petrol and henceforth it’s miles are financially prudent and feasible.
  • The diesel generator is regular and can contradict overwhelming burdens.
  • They can run a heap for widespread stretches and are much much less willing to separate.
  • Diesel gasoline has much much less susceptibility to explosions. So the diesel generators provide a high level of safety.
  • The 15 kVA generator is ideal for both prime & standby power applications.
  • A 15 kVA diesel generator provides immoderate work-performance at each task location.

Advantages of diesel Genset

  • Best home electricity backup variety in 15kVA Genset, which is able to run complete family appliances, small industries & mid-size companies during any planned or unplanned power failure.
  • 15kVA diesel engine DG Sets are more fuel-efficient & provide excessive paintings-performance.
  • you can without difficulty deploy the Genset at any location.
  • Having a portable 15kVA Genset will permit you for outdoor recreational activities.
  • This style of DG sets is terrific in use for any sports or outdoor activities.
  • Provide a clean & efficient strength for all job applications or strength needs.
  • Easy to operate the Genset this makes them extra popular & acquainted in all work sectors.


The generators also may be taken on lease to supply power generators. Different varieties of gas can be applied in an engine. The 15kVA engine is designed for much much less gasoline consumption. The Genset is fantastic for business and industrial use. 15 kVA generator gasoline consumption can be very low as evaluated by other excessive kVA Generators. Also, this generator provides immoderate work-performance at every work location. This Genset is very effective for business and commercial purposes.