4 Simple Steps to Follow for Complete Building Inspection

Building Inspection

A complete building inspection is very crucial prior to buying a new home for yourself. Home is considered the safest place on earth to live for any person but it could be a life threat as well if you don’t properly inspect a house before you buy it. Security License Ontario

So, taking into account the security and the importance of life, here are 4 simple steps that you need to follow for a complete building inspection.

Remember that it is not only for when you are buying a new house, but you should also inspect your own house as well once in a year at least.

Try To Know the Age

What is the age of the house? This is the most important thing that you should know. Normally the average life span of a house is about 40 years. After 20 years of life, there could be some serious problems in the house.

So, if the age of the house is 30 years or more, then try to look for some other options. If you buy a house that looks in perfect condition but its age is more than 30 years, you could be in a serious problem. Your investment would be at risk as well as your life and the life of your loved ones.

Check Hidden Plumbing Issues

Every house has some plumbing issues after every few months. Some plumbing issues are easy to detect as the pipes are exposed and this type of plumbing issue is repaired without any problem.

But there might be some hidden plumbing issues as well in the underground plumbing system. You should try to find those plumbing issues. If you know the signs of plumbing or water leaks, you can easily detect the hidden plumbing leaks.

Along with the plumbing, you should also check the condition of the water tank as well. Proper maintenance of water tanks can save the house from moisture and even cracks on the floor. So, make sure that the water tank of the house is in good condition and there are no signs of a water leak.

Check the Building Structure

You can see if there are cracks on the ceiling, or on the walls. If you see small cracks then you should negotiate on the price of the house as you need to spend some money to fix those wall cracks.

But if you see some big cracks in the walls or in the foundation of the house then to be on the safe side, you should look for another house.

Also, visit the basement and check the structure of the building there as well. Because of the more moisture in the basement, it could be a place that requires more attention while doing the home renovation work.

Call a Building Inspector

Most of the building inspection is done by yourself, but don’t ignore the importance of a building inspector. A building inspector can detect those problems as well that you can’t even think about.

If you select the best buildings inspection team then he will be well equipped to even inspect the flooring and electricity issues. These are some risky tasks that you should not do yourself.

Calling an inspector is the best option in that case. They can find any hidden problems with their special tools and professional training.


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