5 Most Amazing Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Increase Functionality

Bigger is never a solution, especially in the case of kitchens. So, small-size kitchens are considered more practical and functional than larger ones. This is just a myth that space and attractive designs are only with large kitchens. You need some high-quality kitchen decorating ideas. That will make your small kitchen look attractive and highly functional too. 

Moreover, you need to hunt down a high-quality yet affordable place to buy kitchen countertops. There is a famous saying;

If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.

Here is this article you’ll get to know the highly nifty small kitchen decor ideas. These will also resolve the stress of good design solutions as well. So, let’s have a look at them.

What’s Inside This Article?

  • Install A Cooking Tool Wall Storage
  • Install A Pot Rack
  • There Is A Need Of Hideaway Furniture
  • Manage Your Space With More Counter Space
  • Enhance The Storage By Additional Shelvings
  • Conclusion

Install A Cooking Tool Wall Storage:

You can take a view from the restaurant kitchens. There is usually industrial hardware and racks to hold pots and saucepans. Here are new nifty hacks to store utensils on the walls. Such as;

Hang racks for utensils:

This has a simple bar holder with some hooks attached to it. These can hold on tools with loops or holes on them. You can even hang strong baskets on the racks. Thus to store small size items in it.


You can paint and hang a pegboard over the kitchen wall. So, you store all your kitchen tools into it. Make sure to keep the items well organized by color or function.

Fix some strong magnets walls to hang on knives, cutlery items, and spice jars with metallic lids.

Install A Pot Rack:

Installing a pot rack has always been in trend. And has always let the people sort the mess in the kitchen. So, the odd style central pot racks are not in consideration anymore. But yes pot racks with more minimal and sleek designs are highly in trend. Usually, kitchens don’t have space to manage large, rectangular pots. 

So, you need a pot rack of minimal and compact design. They look handy and occupy less space on the wall too. Moreover, you don’t really need a pot rack to be hung from the ceiling. You can use a wall-mounted design pot rack with a pegboard wall-like design.

There Is A Need Of Hideaway Furniture:

You need to be extra creative and nifty to manage storage in smaller kitchens. This is the way you can immensely enhance the function and storage of your kitchen. So, find different alternate DIY methods and hacks to use a multipurpose space. With functional furniture items which are quite useful. But can be stored out of way. Here are some genius ideas to manage such items;

  • The backless bar stools can be easily tucked off.
  • Simply roll over kitchen cabinets and tables
  • Moreover, drop down the wall-mounted tables or cutting boards.

Manage Your Space With More Counter Space:

If you’re looking to make a modern style kitchen. Then the most important thing is to go with a minimal and subtle outlook. So, have an uncluttered, well-managed kitchen. This kind of kitchen design looks attractive. But also has enhanced the counter functional area. Thus, making it so feasible for cooking and preparation, etc.

Organizing your small kitchen is a must. Thus, to make it functional and attractive Add Shelves, Pot Racks, Hideaway Furniture, and Extra Counter Space. first of all, you must move away all of the best countertops items and appliances. Here are a few more useful ideas to increase counter space. Also, it is important to buy kitchen countertops from a top-notch quality retailer. So, they depict great durability and design.

Ceramic Cooktop:

In present times the cooktops are usually of very sleek and modern designs. So, they have the fancy feature of getting flushed with counters. You can place any cutting board or other items when not in use.

Cooktop Cover:

So, if you’re running a gas range. You can buy a cover for yourself. It is important for the safe working over the stove when not in function. Few of the covers are available like wood butcher block surfaces.

Enhance The Storage By Additional Shelvings:

First of all, make space to add additional shelves around the kitchen walls. As shelves can immensely increase the overall storage space. Thus, a row of narrow shelves was added under a kitchen island. This can be provenly a safe place to store cookbooks and other sensitive items. So, must look for some extra spaces. Such as corners, over the counter, etc. 


In conclusion, having a hope that this post has immensely inspired you to reinvigorate your small messy kitchen. So, just follow the above simple ideas to enhance the storage of small kitchens. This guide is showing you very easy-to-do and affordable ideas to enhance the overall kitchen storage. Thus, making your kitchen phenomenally organized and well managed. Like, add on some pot racks, pegboards, hideaway furniture, and more counter space. This will not only enhance the storage. But also the functional index of your kitchen will be lifted. Moreover, you will enjoy working in your kitchen with peace and relaxation.