6 Inspiring Design Ideas For Mailer Boxes

Mailer Box Packaging

Mailer boxes allow an inclusive unboxing experience, a classic choice for e-commerce businesses to make a fabulous first impression!

However, mailer boxes are an excellent decision for packaging relatively larger products or even a dozen little commodities such as many subscription boxes prefer to do. Therefore, mailer boxes’ primary purpose is to deliver products to customers safely and securely and be used as a useful marketing tool for the brand even before the customer sees the products inside.

What Are The Mailer Boxes UK?

Mailer boxes UK are the go-to option for subscription box businesses and eCommerce brands; as they are primarily intended to store and ship items. Its interlocking strips and flanks make the assembly process smoother; and keep the box secure without adhesive tape to seal the package. Another primary reason it is the go-to alternative for many subscription box businesses; is that its double-sided walls present it more enduring and rebellious to deliver than other paperboard packaging varieties.

There are several different nature of mailer boxes UK out in the market:

Regular Mailer Boxes UK With Wings: one of the most common types of mailer box out there.

Mailer Boxes with An Adhesive and Moisture Strip: affixing bonds to mailer boxes for automatic sealing and the moisture strip provides smooth opening experience.

Mailer Box Design

A well-designed mailer box can assist improve the customer’s shopping experience and even swivel your customers’ attention to your products inside. This is why the idea of the mailer boxes UK plays an influential role. Thankfully, there are many options for customising your packaging into white and black mailer boxes to reveal your brands’ personality fully!

Here you can find a list of inspiring ideas you desire to take inspiration from when it comes to designing your mailer packaging boxes. Dodo Packaging’s Custom Mailer Box Mockups; which version you choose depends on what look and feel you’re going for and functionality.

Functional Ideas

1 – Kraft Mailer Packaging Boxes

Kraft packaging material is a popular add on due to the preference they prefer to different packaging classes. Moreover, they are also eco-friendly because they are made of high-quality pine stocks and are entirely recyclable and biodegradable. In addition to being protected for the eco system, Kraft materials are enduring and robust enough to preserve safely and transport products inside them.

2 – Custom Box Inserts

Our custom inserts come in convenient when an item requires to be held in spot and proffer the entire packaging an extra coating of stability. Some products, especially makeups, medicine, possibly fragile so such packaging would be ideal. 

However, our packaging inserts have to be customised according to the product’s size and shape and the box’s dimensions. We worked with many brands to provide them with packaging and inserts charming to the eyes yet reliable enough to keep their small containers in place.

3 – Custom Printed Stickers

The most acceptable way to add a personalised touch is by adding stickers to form a seal on the mailer box; or as an informational label on the box’s surface. These stickers provide highly aesthetic appeal and instruct customers about the brand, product, and method if applied as a brand label. But, some brands may consider adding a few diecut stickers indoors; to adhere to their items in the form of a souvenir or unforgettable gift from the brand!

Aesthetic Ideas

1 – Blank Canvas / Black Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are a blank canvas that enables brands to design them as they satisfy. There are many real effects of translating their creative ideas onto the pack with six different sides. This could range from writing down a personalised message for each of their clients to printing brands’ name, logo and a slogan or even printing some graphics. Is your brand using sustainable packaging? Why not let your customers know!

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2 – Minimal Kraft And White

While some opt for decorative and engaging designs that stand out; others may favour a more minimalistic layout such as plain Kraft or white Kraft. However, a choice simplistically can be perfect; for those looking to communicate their brand values that correlate with minimalism and simplicity or want their customers’ main focus to be on the product inside.

3 – Printed Inside Of The Mailer Packaging Boxes

Using the inside of the box to propose other products offered; by the brand and provide relevant information regarding the purchase or usage of the products is a great way; to maximise the value you deliver from your product and packaging.

With all this newfound experience, you can now decide if a mailer box UK is suitable for your products; and how you want to design and customise it to suit your brand!. If you’re starting and are still unsure where to find affordable, high-quality packaging; head over to the online packaging calculator to get an on-the-spot quote for mailer boxes.


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