Losing a loved one is too hard and an emotional time. Sometimes, it cannot be described in words. This emotional journey is deeply personal, multifaceted, and full of difficulties. 

The choice of headstones has become a significant therapeutic standard among the various customs.

There are numerous types of headstones. One can customize a headstone to honor a loved one’s grave. Choose the best kind of headstone that captures the essence of your loved one.

What Is a Headstone?

Headstones are memorials erected at the head of a burial ground. Headstones can be plain or elaborate. They include the name, birthdate, and death date of the departed. 

Additionally, certain headstones provide space for an inscription or an engraved picture.

A “family headstone” honors several family members buried in nearby graves. They typically consist of a single, sizable monument and numerous foot markers.

Headstone styles

There were very few gravesite headstones options accessible in the past, especially for common people. Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of traditional upright gravestones, heart-shaped memorials, book-shaped headstones, and memorials that incorporate benches. There are countless alternatives when it comes to customization.

However, what kind of headstone is ideal? Everything hinges on the design that finest suits your loved one.

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments are the most famous style of headstones. They display inscriptions clearly and vividly. They are easily visible and can be shaped by skilled craftsmen in various ways.

Moreover, they offer durability and elegance. Also, they transfer onto a base to prevent damage from lawnmowers and weathering.

 However, they may be more costly and may exceed cemetery space restrictions.

Curbed headstones

Curbed headstones, including an upright die, cover the entire grave with a stone border around its edges. The space inside the border can be filled with soil, plants, or, for less maintenance, chippings.

However, curbed headstones and memorials give greater room for grave decorations like statues, etchings, and vases. This kind of memorial may also hold objects with particular meaning for you.

Slant Style Monuments

Slant markers are a popular, budget-friendly alternative to upright monuments. They offer sufficient space for complete inscriptions and a beautiful memorial headstone at a lower price.

However, slant-style monuments differ slightly from conventional upright monuments. Typically, the bottom is roughly a foot wide and has beveling on top. They frequently rest atop a granite foundation to help shield them from harm. 

Additionally, we may build slant markers to retain a loved one’s cremains upon request.


A columbarium is an above-ground erection that houses a deceased person’s burnt remains. There is space for a small nameplate on the front of each slot. While respecting the Catholic Church’s teaching that remains should be interred in a place of worship rather than being dispersed. 

Moreover, a columbarium permits cremation.


Mausoleums are free-standing structures that house a deceased’s remains overhead the ground. A typical mausoleum crypt may include one or two spaces.

The front of mausoleum crypts provides a space for individualized memorialization. Chapel mausoleums, or indoor mausoleums, usually have cremation niches. 

Garden Statues

Garden sculptures give a special way to remember your loved ones, even though they are not grave monuments. Putting this monument on your loved one’s property, in a public park, or their favorite spot is a classy way to pay tribute to them.

A talented monument builder may fashion a statue in any size, shape, color, or style. Personalized text is another option that is available to you based on your preferences.

To make it even more meaningful, there are countless decor alternatives and limitless possibilities.