When you are using a smartphone, you allow yourself to explore thousands of applications; which are available on the internet and a majority of them are about entertainment. Whether it is a gaming app, a music app or an OTT application, they all are mean to entertain you. But the problem with OTT applications is that they do not come for free and charge a lot of money for limited content. And therefore the need for an application like Thop TV arises.

Thop TV has done a lot of work towards providing its users a variety of content from multiple OTT platforms. And television channels which assures the users an extremely entertaining experience. But what happens when Thop TV is down? What happens when it stops working? Well, in that case, you should check out the following similar apps like Thop TV which would entertain you as efficiently as Thop TV does.

  • UK TV NOW. An extremely effective Thop TV alternative app which can be use when Thop TV stops working on your device. The application has a plethora of shows, movies and documentaries that can be watch any time of the day. It is certain that the application will not bore you with the kind of content that it has. So, you must download it to have a great time.
  • HOTSTAR MOD APK. Hotstar is an immensely popular OTT platform in India and its deal with Disney has made it possible for many fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe to watch Disney Plus shows on the same application. Thus, Hotstar MOD APK ensures that you get to watch all the content available on the paid version for no cost at all. Hotstar MOD APK does have some minor troubles but it is certainly worth your time and data.
  • JIO TV MOD APK. Reliance has left no stone unturned in making Jio their most successful venture and the Jio TV is nothing but their attempt to become relevant in the OTT space. Jio TV does have some great features as an application but you can get them for free by using Jio TV MOD APK. So, get this application install on your phone to enjoy some great content.
  • PIKASHOW APP. Possibly the oldest application on this list is the Pikashow app which does the same job as its other counterparts, that is, to provide quality content to its users without charging a single penny.

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The problem with apps like Thop TV is that they begin to lag, crash or stop working altogether due to several reasons; and that makes it hard for the users of the application to enjoy whatever they are watching. Even though there are many Thop TV alternative apps available. Find free sex near me. None of them works as good as the ones mentioned above do. So, you must download these applications whenever your Thop TV stops working for any reason. You can be assure that these apps will keep you hook to them and entertain you thoroughly.