Best Link Building Strategies for Beginners

Best Link Building Strategies for Beginners

Link Building is essential for growth. If your website is not ranking on search engines it is missing organic traffic that can directly translate to sales. So, in this article we are going to discuss some of the best link building strategies that can help you grow your website, rank it on relevant keywords, and drive potential buyers to your site.

Here are some of the best link building strategies to double your website traffic.

Start Guest Posting on Relevant Sites

Businesses that blog produce 97 percent more inbound links and 55 percent more site visitors, according to HubSpot. Guest blogging is also gaining popularity among blogging companies.

Being strategic simply means that you establish a specific objective from the start. So, if you want to increase traffic to your site, focus your guest blogging efforts on blogs that will give you traffic.

You want your guest post to be syndicated on reputable websites. When you do this, your website will be visible to people who will most likely connect to it.

For example, if you want your guest post to appear in Google’s top 10 results, consider having it published on blogs that already have a high ranking. You can also get some of the best link building providers on

Create and Distribute Infographics

The benefit of infographics is that they attract organic traffic to your blog and win quality links even when you don’t ask for them.

Infographics produce 37.5 percent more backlinks than a regular blog post, according to my research. As a result, making infographics is a link-building strategy that you cannot afford to overlook. Visual content should, in fact, be an integral component of any blog you publish.

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Get Active on Social Media

Social networking networks have transformed marketing and can be a big help with your connection building strategy and guest post efforts. You are doing your brand a disservice if you are not involved on social media. Share new posts, photographs, and notifications to become more active.

Even if you are new to social media, you can easily increase interaction by being involved on it. As a result, the brand will be exposed and more people will be able to share your posts.

Resource Links From Trusted Sites

It’s past time to start using resource connections from reputable websites. A resource is similar to a guide that you build or compile for your target audience. It is one of the 15 forms of content that will drive traffic and generate quality links.

Some authority sites and blogs, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Jeff Bullas, Social Media Examiner, and Copyblogger, have resource pages that you could use when making your own. If a leading site in your field has assembled a list of blogs in your industry, visitors will be able to find what they’re searching for more quickly.

Leverage the Broken Links Strategy

If you are too busy to write content for your blog or a guest post, the broken connection strategy could be the best option.

As a busy marketer, I understand that you have a small amount of time to write material. That is one of the reasons why many B2C content marketers fail to create engaging content for their customers.

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Grow Your Personal Brand

You are your brand. According to Alina Wheeler’s book Designing Brand Identity, you should “launch internally first, then externally to main stakeholders.”

This is also valid for professional branding. Begin with yourself. In a nutshell, the brand emerges from your thoughts and then starts to manifest externally.

In some ways, your brand reflects you, just as mine does. As a result, my definition of a brand is “your representative when you are not present.” Amazon creator Jeff Bezos puts it similarly. Of course, public speaking is effective because of the opportunity for personal interaction that comes from meeting people in person, but blogging is my number one strategy for brand positioning.

Replicate Best Links From Competitors

Knowing where the rivals’ connections came from isn’t enough. How do you duplicate their success in your own link building strategy?

While you’re at it, stop having ties that will raise a red flag.This is where social media enters the picture. You must use social media to communicate with blogs and prominent marketing experts.

Create Link Roundups

Brian Tracy, the New York Times bestselling author of Goals, said that no force can prevent you from having what you want in life while writing about the rule of persuasion and reciprocity.

In the same way, if you want the right ties, you must first give others. Don’t be greedy about your posts by just referring to internal websites. Learn how to connect to other helpful blog posts.

If you want to stay off Google’s radar and avoid being penalized while creating connections, the only way out is to network. To that end, many bloggers create connection roundups because it is the simplest way to share what other bloggers have done and show them some love.

These are some of the best ways to get links that are not only RELEVANT to your website, but also a GREAT addition to your business needs.

On the other hand, if you need link building or SEO services that can help you market your brand website to the right audience, you can explore some of the best services on, b2b ratings and reviews platform.


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