Treks in Uttarakhand

Best Trekking Places in Uttarakhand

The following 7 trails and destinations are the popular with trekkers:

1. Deorital and Chandershila Trek:

The great option for the starting point of this 4 day trek is Rishikesh, which is known as “The Yoga Capital Of The World” and this city (actually a Tehsil of State Capital, Dehradun district) also hosts the International Yoga Festival.

The trail begins after a 12 hour drive to Sari Village.The next point to be reached is Deorital Lake which would take about a 45 minute trek.The place is known for its stunning scenic beauty and is a very popular camping site.

The trail then moves to Chopta onwards to summit Chandershila. The views of the beauty of nature is absolutely stunning and since Chandershila is 4000m above sea level,the altitude acclimatization issues are relatively much lower.

2. Gomukh Tapovan or Gangotri Glacier Trek:

Gangotri Glacier is among the largest glaciers in the Indian Himalayas and is also the source of the Ganges River, which is considered sacred by many. The time for the trek from Gangotri to the Gangotri Glacier is around 5 days.

The word “Gomukh” consisits of two words.”Go” means cow and “Mukh” means face. Gomukh is shaped like the face of a cow and thus its name. The Mount Shivling peak can also be seen in all its glory in this trek. A few days can be added for trekking to Tapovan and other peaks. Read out best trekking in Uttarakhand.

3. Valley of Flowers Trek

This 4 or 5 day trek brings you to the most famous area for wildflowers in the Himalaya and unlike the other treks mentioned is best done during the monsoon when the flowers are in full bloom.  Trekkers should expect plenty of rain and prepare accordingly. Fortunately the beauty of the flowers make up for it and one can stay in one of the lodges at Ghangria in order to stay out of the rain at night and get dry.  The trek starts from Govind Ghat and it’s the first day is spent hiking to the small village of Ghangria.

The starting point of this trek is Govind Ghat. The next point is the beautiful village of Ghangria which can be reached after a days hike. This 5 day trek is through the area of the Himalays known for its absolutely beautiful wildflowers.

The exception is that the best time for this trek are during the monsoon months from July to September when the flowers are in full bloom.

4. Roopkund Trek

This is a beautiful  journey starting in the thick oak and rhododendrons filled forest and after a 6 day trek leads to Lake of Roopkund,known not only for her beauty but also for being a “Haunted Lake”.

The “Haunted” of Lake Roopkund is due ancient remains of hundreds of people in the bygone era.

The stunningly beautiful peaks of Trishul,Nanda Ghunti and Badrinath are also the part which makes this Roopkund Trek a beautiful and memorable one. Why are you wait just check out uttarakhand tour to enjoy trekking in this place.

5. Rupin Pass

One of the attractions of this 6 day climb of nearly 10,000 feet in altitude,to Rupin Pass,is that it passes through the beautiful village of “Jhaka”. This trail would appeal to the Spiritually inclined trekker as the residents of this village of Jhaka follow the path of “Satsangh”. “Sat” means truth,honesty and being pious while “Sangh” refers to the company one keeps. So the “Satsangh” way of life means being in company of truthful,honest and pious people.

The feeling of unty with the truth and the splendour of nature is further magnified not only by the 10,000 feet ascent but also the amazing waterfalls,beautiful blooming flowers and breathtaking treasuretrove of views of nature’s immense beauty which fills even the most troubled souls with happiness and beautiful memories for a lifetime .

6. Pindari Glacier

The trek to the Pindari glacier is known for its beautiful wilderness and it totally submerges the senses of the trekker (not the trekker himself or herself) into a time and place of lost wilderness almost untouched by modernity.

It offers breathtaking views of few of the highest peaks in this part of the Greater Himalayas, The Nanda Devi ,Trishul and Nanda Kot. The six day trail runs along the Pindari river to the Pindari glacier.

The trail is held in very high esteem and considered holy by the residents and locals of the area.

7. Dodital Trek

The Lake of Dodital is known not only for her being surrounded by immense natural beauty but also for the Golden Trouts which can be seen through her pristine and crystal clear water.

The elevation for the trek is low and the trek can be undertaken throughout the year except the months from June to August which are the monsoon months.

The starting point of the trek is the historical and holy village of Uttarkashi and offer stunning views of the Bandarpunch and Swargarohini mountain ranges.