Dressing Guide for Those Chilly Winter Nights

Dressing Guide for Those Chilly Winter Nights! Amp Up Your Game

Now that we are already past the Christmas season, it is time for the temperatures to drop below the freezing point. The frigid days of the New Year entice us to stay bundled up in fuzzy sweaters and woolen socks for the entire day. But can you indulge in another bout of stay-at-home nights, once the lockdowns have finally lifted after the pandemic?

We don’t think so! 

2020 may not have been the best year for most, but does that mean we should put a damper on 2021? Definitely not! We understand that dressing up fashionably for winter nights is a challenge. After all, who would like their teeth to chatter and their legs to shiver when they’re out after an almost eternal episode of quarantine?

Not us, though!

Since winter wardrobe for the evenings is a struggle for most women, we decided to compile a list of outfit ideas that help you stay warm and cozy while you enjoy your new-found freedom on the streets. 

Go Trendy with A Trench Coat

No one carries a trench coat as beautifully as Victoria Beckham! Trench coats are a winter staple that cannot be left in the closet for long. You can take inspiration from VB about styling the trendy trench coats for evenings out in winter. From skinny jeans to wide leg pants, the trench coat works well with all sorts of bottoms. It even looks fabulous when worn with sheath dresses and skirts!

The trench coat gives you a lot of room for exploration. You can use it as the center piece or go ahead and use it as the simplest layer on your overall attire. Printed trench coats make an ideal choice for evening events when worn with a bright lipstick and sparkly accessories. If nothing works, then Sarah Jessica Parker’s look of a busy print silk dress and printed trench coat can be used to look ramp ready!

Bedazzle in Winter Whites

Priyanka Chopra Jonas in this all-white outfit is a vision to behold. The faux fur jacket and form-fitting tee shirt looks fabulous with the plain white jeans. You can create a similar look with white jacket and trousers and look like an angel in the season of snow!

White color always catches a lot of attention. But when you wear it on a winter evening, then your charm grows manifold. Although a white outfit could seem plain and bland, you can play with the fit and layers to develop a stunning outfit for a first date or a casual movie night out with a significant other! It is a beautiful vintage look!

Cut Off the Corduroys

Corduroy is an excellent choice for winter wear. If you are looking for a stylish outfit for a supper with your friends or a colleague’s soiree, then you can pair a corduroy trouser with a cropped sweater to achieve a look that is fashionable and fine. You can play with contrast, shades, and textures to create a layered outfit too! Remember to keep the corduroy understated, as too much of the material can give you a bulky silhouette!

Add Some Sparkle

Winter evenings can become a lot more glamourous with a little sparkle! You can get a sequined skirt or blouse to add the bling to an ordinary outfit. Add an over-sized, pastel sweater on top of a sparkly skirt, and you are ready to steal the show at any event. Remember to check the weather forecast before stepping out in a skirt, as the chills can give you an unexpected unpleasant surprise in the form of flu too! 

Go Wild with Leather

Leather has been the fabric of the year! From the custom leather jackets worn by Kim Kardashian on airport runs to Hailey Bieber’s jacket on her wedding reception, each item has had a monumental effect on the sales of leather jackets and accessories. Genuine leather pieces are a lifelong investment that remain timeless and elegant.

Since leather goods are easy to maintain, it is an investment that is worth every single cent. It is a flexible piece that can be worn with any winter outfit. You can use it as a top layer with a dress or as a winter shield with a casual combination of a cardigan, jeans, and shirt. 

Heat Up the Room in Something Scarlet

Red has the power to transform any look. Whether it is a red sheath dress or a red pair of lingerie, you can use the color to win every battle! Since scarlet is often associated with power, passion, and the potions of Eros, you can wear the color for romantic outfits.

A silk slip dress in red, or red stilettos, or even a jacket can work this way. You can take inspiration from Gigi Hadid, who looks drop-dead-gorgeous in her all-red outfit! You can pay attention to the straight forward layers in the outfit. The smooth silk on the bottom and a slightly different hue for the top makes an ideal background for the French velvet blazer worn on top of everything. The fishnet stockings and red shoes look utterly romantic with the no-make look on the model’s face. 

Stick to The Sexy Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are a magical creation that can amp up any outfit you wish to wear! It is the perfect choice for chilling winter nights. You can add a leather jacket or a double layered coat on a slip dress to keep the cold at bay while still looking beautifully put together!

Final Thoughts 

Fashion is a commitment when it comes to the bitter cold of the winter season. With temperatures dropping below the level of comfort each year, it is ideal for you to grab a few core pieces for your winter wardrobe and then build outfits with basic additions. This way, you won’t burn a hole in your pockets each time a solstice comes on the calendar!