Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Mugshot Sites

as well as a strict requirement to take the pictures off. EraseMugshots.com is among the most popular elimination of the mugshots organizations on the internet.

Is it a crime to share pictures of mugshots online on the web? Absolutely not. There’s a huge list of websites that are protected under The FOIA (Freedom of Information Act, 1966) in addition to the First Amendment.

Photos of bookings and arrest records are considered public information. Owners of websites choose to publish them on Google in order to assist their visitors.

Your online reputation is likely to last forever, regardless of your results are positive or negative. Comments and photos that make you appear embarrassing can be found online and may limit your options in the future, depending on your housing, employment status, and maybe even your family. Criminal charges, such as the details of your arrest and photos of your mugshots may be found and utilized online.

The websites for the removal of mugshots built companies around the display of arrest documents as well as a strict requirement to take the pictures off. EraseMugshots.com is among the most popular elimination of the mugshots organizations on the internet.

Additionally, victims can choose to erase their mugshots on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The removal of your mugshots from the internet is extremely possible since you know the laws that govern the publishing of your photos online.

Learn how to have your arrest information removed from these mugshot sites.

Mugshot Sites A Review

Mugshot sites gather arrest photos from the police websites in the county and put the photos online. In addition, they generally have good rankings and, most of the time, appear at the top of Google when people type your name.

In the end, this public release of photographs could result in losing work, dates or even the opportunity to gain credit.

In addition to paying to erase your data, you’re capable of creating new and innovative content on respected websites to reduce your negative content on Google. The mugshot websites have been the subject of numerous lawsuits.

It is unfortunate that the law cannot discover any issues with the records and that is perhaps the most concerning aspect. If the website does not require payment from you, it’s permitted to release arrest records from various states across the nation.

However, as a result of new rules and regulations from Google, several mugshot sites have been shut down or taken off the first page of results following an algorithm update that was recently released, which severely penalized these types of websites.

The Top Websites for Mugshot Websites

Every mugshot site claims that the individuals they showcase are innocent until found guilty. This is helpful when using as this is usually the scenario. If there is no update to the results of the case it falls within the confines of the law.

They further state that the information they offer on their site is not to be used as an interview process to hire or for housing options or for insurance claims or in any other function connected to the business.

But, once they see your image on the internet they will be unable to work with you because they’ll be able to think that you’re a “bad person” who has a negative image.

Mugshot sites do not always provide the whole picture. In reality, they do not always provide the full story and EraseMugshots has set out to alter that.


What causes Rapsheetz so bad? It’s easy to see that the website doesn’t erase any arrest records , unless there are documents that can be expunged. Therefore, it is necessary to hire an attorney to defend your case in the court of law before you are capable of erasing your personal data.

What is this? What a coincidence. The website is a mugshot company operated by two gentlemen living in their basements and also “requiring” the legality of documents. What’s the motive ?

This has harmed many thousands of people since many charges are dismissed, but not dismissed.

The most troublesome part that is a problem with RapSheets are that they typically have a high ranking on sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Since they do not have arrest-related keywords and mugshots within their names on their websites, they are able to avoid algorithm changes.

Do you need additional help with Rapsheet.org removal details? We’ll offer you an experienced team of removal experts who can address your concerns, questions, or queries you may have.


BailBondCity is owned by the SAME individuals who own RapSheets Therefore it’s only fitting that they’re the second choice on our list.

Documentation is necessary to erase or modify any information regarding arrests posted on this site for mugshots.


The month of May 2018 was when, the administrator of Mugshots.com was arrested after exporting thousands of images. Mugshots.com is probably the most infamous mugshot site that we have seen so far and they charge from $300-$500 for a single image to be deleted.

In the majority of instances, they’ll call you by phone or email and request payment to get your personal information removed. If you are not able to accept the offer and are unable to make the payment, you may be confronted with the owner’s rude and unwelcome response. the owner.

If your contact details are available on Mugshots.com Contact us today. We’ll tailor the best removal solution for your budget and requirements.


The city of Boca Raton, Florida, BocaBusted is fairly accommodating in the event of requesting the removal of a mugshot.

The only issue that is the reason we’ve put BocaBusted in our photo websites listing is the fact that BocaBusted accepts only payment via BitCoin. A majority of people don’t know about BitCoin, or Cryptocurrency. This makes it difficult to remove information.

Additionally, BocaBusted will not remove the allegations for violence (domestic violence that causes bodily injury or domestic violence, etc.)


Much like many think, LookWhoGotBusted says it does not have any relationship with BustedNewspaper and BustedMugshots. The mugshots website is an alternative source of arrest records that are available online and is claimed to be “most up-to-date available.”

Like RapSheets and BailBondCity, LookWhoGotBusted also has requirements you must fulfill in order to be able to take your photo off their site. These include:

“If charges were dropped or if the record was expunged or there is an error for which you have documented proof, email us by clicking on this email address: lookwhogotbusted@gmail.com. Make sure you go there to make sure we’re conscious of which article that you’re discussing. Don’t change the subject of your email.

You should forward court documents to support the case you are pursuing by forwarding copies by email. After we receive confirmation, we’ll take down the post for no cost.

Posts written by deceased persons are deleted in the same manner. We do not offer paid removals, either directly or through a third party, like the so-called “reputation” companies that may claim to get rid of posts. We suggest that you speak with us prior to spending the money .”

Mugshot Laws

In recent years, lawmakers have been trying to stop these websites that are protected by The First Amendment. Georgia State Rep. Roger Bruce introduced a new law that makes it illegal for websites to solicit Georgia citizens to take down photocopies of their mugshots.

What was the goal of these websites? They stopped removing them, but they continued to release them. This has hurt people more deeply than prior to. Before, people could pay to remove them, however, now they must endure for a long time.

Mugshot websites have 30 days to take down images or they are in violation of the law. Fines can be assessed for not following the regulations for the removal of records which were dismissed, exempted or sealed.


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