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For many people around the world, it’s a dream to move somewhere where there is security, peace, a better lifestyle, and better opportunities to work and prosper. Many of these people move to Australia in search of the same dream and Australia makes that dream come true for them. Australia provides its residents with the same environment and lifestyle that everyone wants for his or her life. Australian residents enjoy modern era facilities. They are also entitled to better education and medical facilities. And when it comes to career opportunities Australia stands at the top as its booming economy, progress in every field and development has an opening and chance for almost everyone. This is why Australia is among the favorite destination for international migrants.

Australian immigration system offers many visas through which one can come to Australia and can live, work, study and settle down in Australia. But it’s not a simple job one has to go through a series of steps and to satisfy many conditions to get eligible for an Australian visa. But in the end its no doubt the result is very fruitful and worth all the effort. Once one gets a permanent Australian visa he or she can also sponsor their families to Australia. There are many visas offered in the family visa Australia sector. All these visas again have certain rules and obligation one need to abide by to get their desired visa. In this article, we will talk about an important visa in this category that is the partner visa. Also, we will talk about its application process and the mistake one needs to avoid while applying for this visa.

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What comes under an Australian partner visa?

Australian partner visa is for the married or de facto partners of an Australian nation, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen. Through this visa, the partner of Australian or New Zealand permanent resident can come to Australia to their partners and live there permanently.

What is the further classification of this visa?

The partner visa is further classified based on onshore and offshore candidates. Partners living in Australia and the ones living outside Australia has to apply for different visa subclasses. Let’s take a look at these subclasses.

Onshore partner visa subclass 820/801

For subclass 820/801 the applicant should be:

  • Married to or should be in a de facto relationship with an Australian or New Zealand national or an Australian permanent resident.
  • Should be residing in Australia at the time of application

The applicant must satisfy the above conditions to apply for subclass 820/801. Subclass 820 is a temporary visa that allows a partner to stay in Australia for a temporary period until his or her permanent visa subclass 801 application is processed

Offshore partner visa subclass 309/100

For subclass 309/100 one should be

  • Married to or should be in a de facto relationship with an Australian or New Zealand national or an Australian permanent resident
  • Must be living outside Australia at the time of application

Subclass 307 is a temporary visa that is granted until one’s permanent visa subclass 100 application is processed.

This was all about different categories of partner visa Australia. Now we will have look at the things one should keep in mind while applying for an Australian partner visa.

What are five common mistakes in a partner visa application that may lead to visa refusal?

Applying for a partner visa or any Australian visa is not a simple job. One has to satisfy certain criteria and also has to consider every small detail of this process. The refusal of visa after all the efforts one has to put in is no doubt very distressing, so to avoid that one should not make the mistakes are commonly made. We are giving an overview of some of these mistakes below so that you can avoid them and your partner visa application can be successful. These mistakes are:

Lack of consistency

This is no doubt the number no reason behind any visa rejection. One has to provide information and documents proving that information and all this should be consistent. If there is any loophole between the series events or the information provided breaks any chain of continuity of the events, then your visa application will have very little probability of success.

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Contradicting information

There should be no contradiction between the information you have provided and the reality. All your documents and personal information facts should match with the information present on your social media accounts, your educational institutions and workspace data. Any contradiction can lead to visa refusal

Not providing enough documents

This may seem like extra to you at that time but giving documents to prove every information you have provided in your visa application is very fruitful. Not providing enough documents may end up in the refusal of a visa.

Not informing the authorities in time

After you have applied for the visa, you have to inform the authorities about every change that has happened in the information you provided. It may cause a problem for you if you are unable to provide the right information at the right time.

Not taking professional help

Applying for an Australian visa is tricky. This is why it is always advised to take help from an authentic visa consultancy firm. With their experience, they can help you in avoiding mistakes in the partner visa application process. This was all about the mistakes that are commonly made in the Australian partner visa application process. The Migration is an authentic registered company that can help you in getting an Australian partner visa. If you want more information on a partner visa or any other Australian visa our best immigration agent Sydney.


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