How to Take Care of Your Couch?


Who wouldn’t want their couch to last long, right? But for that you have to take care of it, naturally. So how can you do that? Taking care of a couch is simple if you know about all that you need to keep in mind. In this blog, we tell you about some of the things to keep in mind in order to take care of your couch and make it last long.

  • Couch steam cleaning in Melbourne

Couch steam cleaning in Melbourne is part of professional upholstery cleaning services which are mandatory for your couch. You should get professional cleaning regularly. We recommend you to get professional couch cleaning periodically every 12 to 18 months. Although depending on your couch type and kind you might be advised by the professionals to opt for different cleaning methods.

  • Couch dry cleaning in Melbourne

The different method mentioned above is the couch dry cleaning in Melbourne. There are particular upholstery items that need to be cleaned without any moisture exposure and for such upholstery, the professionals opt for a dry cleaning method. Both methods are equally effective and usually cost the same.

  • Handle it carefully

Whenever you move your couch, make sure to lift it properly. If you move it by pushing one side or lifting one side, it could not just damage the couch but even break it. Always move it with the help of someone else. Some people tend to sit on the armrest or the neckrest space of the couch and that could also damage the couch, even break it. So always utilize the couch the way it is supposed to be utilized.

  • Protect from sunlight

If your region faces heavy and extreme sunlight, make sure to keep your couch away from windows. In any condition and settings, always make sure that the couch is not exposed to sunlight for long times. The sunlight could damage the surface quality along with causing the fading of the couch’s colour.

  • Protect from extreme temperature sources

If you have a radiator at home to maintain temperatures of your home, make sure your couch is at a safe distance from the said radiator. The heat from the radiator can damage the couch easily in an irreparable manner.

  • Protect from humidity and water

Always keep your couch safe from water and high humidity levels. If the room is humid or if there’s water spill, take care of it immediately. Moisture and humidity can easily damage the couch material, and not just the surface.

  • Protect from pets

You have a really cute dog or cat or parrot and they keep jumping around and jumping around in your home. Your pets are no less than your family members and your kids, although you need to make sure they don’t end up damaging your couch. Train them to use litter boxes or other facilities and keep their fur well combed so the shedding is reduced. Always keep an eye on them to avoid any accidents that could damage your couch.

  • Protect from food and drink spills

You can make it a habit that you never eat or drink on or around your couch. However if you don’t want to do that, then you can develop extra carefulness in your behaviour so that your couch stays protected from various kinds of stains.


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