iPhone X battery drain(Complete Guide) 2021

iPhone X battery drain(Complete Guide) 2021

GPS probably has the most shocking battery drain we have seen on an Apple device. How can it even exist at all? Besides, you must remember to use the best SEO Manager WHMCS Theme on your hosting website to manage, change, and update all of the important SEO website elements.

A battery drain on the iPhone X with GPS turned on.

It has some internal GPS data. Not only can we not turn this off. It cannot even be disabled. I can accept that iPhone X could drain its battery a bit more while navigation is enabled. I can accept that GPS might not be the most efficient way to get around. But I really can’t accept that Apple made it so that the battery drains like mad while GPS is enabled. Maintain iPhone Battery health.

iPhone X battery drain 2021

So, how will battery drain be affected in the future?

hI can imagine that Apple will quietly increase. The maximum limit to the RAM and CPU usage of the GPS components. They will also allow you to turn off a device’s GPS completely. Perhaps they will even offer a reduced cost iPhone with no GPS at all. They could also offer a less expensive version of the iPhone X with just enough GPS to give you directions.

But the effects will be felt by iOS device users. iOS users will be less likely. To have a GPS enabled phone. And iOS will never be as reliable as Google Maps or Waze. And with no GPS to rely on, you’re going to need to keep on your iPhone plugged in.

Ultimately. IOS developers will not need to worry about battery drain. On their iOS devices if their apps do not include user-interface elements that rely on GPS. But I do see the chance of an app like Navigation Apple Maps potentially finding a market. That’s a shame for those of us who want a simpler way to get where we’re going.

The iPhone X is unique because its revolutionary OLED display is completely front-facing. Other smartphone displays have enabled something like virtual reality headsets. Such as Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, by wrapping the screen around your head like a helmet. But the iPhone X’s face-forward screen makes it a lot easier to navigate within apps like Safari and Maps. And because of that.

IPhone X users who decide to use virtual reality headsets may. Also find that their iPhone X drains the battery much more quickly.

To test the effects of the iPhone X’s extra battery drain. I tested the battery drain on an iPhone X and an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11. Which included the ability to enable or disable. Apple’s 3D Touch feature. iPhone X users with 3D Touch enabled. Should have noticed a steep jump in battery drain for their iPhones.

The graph below shows the battery drain rate on iPhone X for every test and each test duration. The blue line shows the battery drain rate on an iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X’s blue line is shown in white, as it is a more dramatic increase.


The graph above also shows the average battery drain over a week. Along with the max iPhone X battery drain rate in milliamp hours per hour of iPhone X usage. I compared the iPhone X’s drain rate with that of. An iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11, to see how much of an increase it gave. I did this by running the same tests again with each phone connected to the same 2.4GHz WiFi network.

I did not include the time of day in the battery drain graph. Because 3D Touch can also improve battery drain by making it easier to interact with your device’s display. The average iPhone X drain rate on the highest test day was 12% higher than. It was on the lowest test day. It is tempting to conclude that 3D Touch alone caused this increase in battery drain. But the 3D Touch can only be enabled on the lockscreen and home screen. It is therefore unlikely that the increased drain was caused by 3D Touch. But instead by other iPhone X features, which I am not able to include in this comparison.

In the graph above. The data is graphed in three columns. Because I ran the tests once on a Monday, and then again on a Wednesday and Friday.

Using an iPhone 8 Plus to test the iPhone X’s battery drain was both an experiment. And more of a daily reality for me. It’s an iPhone that I use everyday. And I constantly find myself being pulled to it to check for notifications or to quickly open up an app.