Is Kubet a scam? Where does fraudulent KU information come from?


Kubet is one of the big ones operating not only in Vietnam but also in many Asian countries. However, now, in the betting market, rumors of Ku casino scam appear. This has made many brothers confused when participating in the experience here. So is Kubet a scam and what is the truth of this rumor? All will be answered through our article below.

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The reason comes from the news that Kubet is cheating players

Although Kubet is a strong game address and has built a solid foothold in the betting market. But some false rumors about Kubet still appear, so is Kubet a scam?

Illegal information from an unfair competitor

Thanks to building a reputation with quality products and services, Ku has attracted many participants. The proof is that the house is increasingly influential and spreading around the world. Therefore, competitors in the same industry have constantly created destructive tricks to lower the house. This is done by spreading rumors that Kubet is a scam. That’s why the keyword Kubet is a scam and is also searched a lot by players. 

In addition, there are some competitors who have built fake websites and scammed real players. Then the gamers joined those fake websites and got scammed by them. Thus, they quickly concluded that the online house Kubet cheated players. Therefore, before registering as a member, you need to check the official link or not. Absolutely do not access the floating and unclear links on the internet.

Although this competitive trick has no small influence on Kubet. However, with the quality of its services and products, the house still exists in the market today. This number 1 bookie in Vietnam is increasingly building a firm belief in the hearts of gamers. And gradually eliminate false rumors about themselves. 

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Incident arising from Kubet members

Kubet is a bookie that owns a variety of extremely attractive and easy-to-play betting games. Moreover, the chances of winning are also very high. Therefore, it is very normal for gamers to regularly deposit and withdraw money. However, during the transaction process, some problems may arise such as:

  • The Kubet bookie is in a state of maintenance.
  • Players trade at peak hours of the day.
  • You manipulated wrongly or incorrectly filled in some information when withdrawing money.

Because of the above reason, the transaction took longer than expected. Or maybe the player didn’t get the money back. Therefore, some people have impatiently concluded that the bookie is a scam.

Therefore, during the deposit or withdrawal process, if it is not successful for more than 30 minutes, please contact the dealer’s consultant. Here the staff will guide and assist you immediately. Therefore, players should not rush to conclude that the house is a scam. Because this will affect the psychology of other players.


Is Kubet a scam?

Negative proofs of Kubet cheating players

At Kubet, the number of participants is very large. Therefore, rumors will greatly affect the psychology of players. Besides, the reputation of the house will also be affected. So, let’s find evidence to see if Kubet is a scam.

The origin of the Kubet house is clear and has many operating licenses

Kubet is a bookie belonging to Jiuzhou Group and headquartered in the Philippines. At the same time, the government in this country supervises all activities of betting products and services. Besides, the bookie not only develops in each Vietnamese market but also affirms its name in Asian countries in general. The number of members joining every day is reliable proof of the prestige here.

All games at the house are released by the world’s leading game providers. Typically, such as BBIN, AG, DG, SA… Therefore, all types of games here are guaranteed to be transparent, fair and clear. Therefore, whether or not Kubet is a scam is absolutely NO!

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The speed of currency transactions at the Kubet bookie is very fast

Currently, Kubet has linked with many banks as well as carriers and e-wallets. Therefore, the transactions of players will all take place in a very convenient and safe way. Usually, it only takes you about 5 minutes to complete all transactions.

However, as mentioned above, sometimes the deposit and withdrawal process will cause some problems. This will confuse many players, but please stay calm. If you encounter an unfortunate situation, please contact customer service immediately. We will always support you 24/7.


Proof that Kubet is a scam?

How to know if Kubet is a scam?

To ensure your rights to participate in online betting, you need to know how to identify a reputable unit. Here are some signs of a scam that you should be aware of when joining:

Look at the bookie’s domain name – is Kubet a scam? 

If you realize that bookmakers have web domains such as .net, .vn, or .org then you should not join. In case you participate in these bookies, even if you win, the ability to pay the bonus is not high. Or you could even lose your bet. Therefore, if participating online, choose a bookie that is established and licensed in a clear country.


Know if Kubet is a scam through the domain name

The information about the bookie lacks clarity

Before joining the betting playground, you must understand the nature of the house. Included in it is information about the origin, which company is currently in… If you realize that these data are too little or are not clearly public, then this is a fake website. Because only when doing illegal work, they do not dare to publicly disclose their own information.

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The hotline number is a mobile phone

When you see a hotline number like this, immediately remove this website immediately. If you still wonder if is a scam, you can rest assured. At Kubet, all hotlines are landline numbers. Because we have a team of consultants on call. So every conversation is clearly recorded. Therefore, there will be no case where the house will leave a separate mobile phone number for advice. So players should be very careful about this.

If the hotline is registered by a landline number, it will be more reliable because you can easily track the information of the person or the company who registered it.

High promotion when depositing money into the house

In order to attract more people to participate in betting, fraudulent bookmakers often offer attractive promotions. It can go up to 100% – 500%. If you are not alert, it is very easy to fall into the trap set by the house. Usually, with such active addresses, it is often easy to block money from high players.


Kubet the most reputable bookie in Vietnam

How to know if is a scam or not through the promotion is Kubet a scam? Now we can absolutely say no. With a long-standing reputation in the betting market, the house will certainly not do anything to affect its image. Therefore, before joining the playground, you need to learn very carefully. Hopefully, the above information partly helps to affirm your faith in the Kubet house.

Is Kubet reputable? What is the legitimacy of the Kubet bookie?

For online casino believers, it is probably not strange when it comes to Kubet. However, recently, there have been quite a few rumors surrounding the problem of KU scams. This has made the gaming community bewildered and worried. So is Kubet reputable and how is the legitimacy of the house? In the following content, we will give the most accurate explanation of this problem. Let’s follow along.

What is Kubet?

Kubet is an online bookie with the original name of Thien Ha Bet. After a process of formation and development, the game portal is known by many other names such as KU, Ku Casino, etc. Established more than 10 years ago and is headquartered in the Philippines. The bookie is legally licensed and certified by PAGCOR. 

Up to now, Kubet has achieved many outstanding achievements that make opponents respect them. The number of registered members participating in KU casinos is constantly increasing every day. Although it has a certain place in the online gaming betting market. However, the house is still constantly trying and upgrading the game page with the aim of becoming the world’s leading entertainment playground.

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Players who come to KU can both participate in entertainment and have the opportunity to earn great money. Wide variety of games for you to choose from and play betting for bonuses. Immediately after winning, the amount will be transferred directly to the account quickly and securely.


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