Mistakes to avoid when hiring an escort girl

What qualities do you need to become a high-class escort? A high-class escort is a professional companion who provides for sophisticated men looking for more than just sex. Today, in this industry you will see plenty of gorgeous women, young and mature as well. All of them are taking good care of themselves, to look as good as possible for their clients. High-class escorts are for wealthy men and their services are quite expensive. If you want to be one of these stunning ladies, then here are the qualities you need to reach your goal.

About high-class escorts

Top escorts are a lot more than just pretty faces. Moreover, a high-class escort Parma is not promoted through demeaning and distasteful pictures. You will never see photos of her in different states of undress. Also, you will never see a top escort marketing her solely for her physical looks. A top escort is a lady from all points of view. She knows how to act, what to say, and how to dress. 

She is endorsed to the gentlemen who want to spend time with a real woman. This lady is a real companion which offers emotional intimacy and even psychological support. High-end sex workers dress professionally and look amazing. Moreover, they have an interest in a range of things. These things may include being wined and dined and even making you feel great. 

As a top escort, you need to invest lots of money in your physical aspect. You must go to the gym on a regular basis to look good. Plus, you need to take care of your skin and hair, and all these things cost lots of money. But, you can be sure that this will help you attract a high number of wealthy clients. 

Overall look

There is no doubt that the escort industry is based on images similar to the modeling industry. Therefore, it is very important to have a fresh face and timeless beauty. Lovely features and a flawless complexion are also very important. When it comes to tattoos, they are definitely a big no-no. Your hairstyle should be well-kept and suit you really well. Some girls even go for traditional cosmetic surgery to enhance their look. 

Yet, remember that overdoing it can ruin your looks. So, make sure you know exactly when to stop. It is important to avoid too much done since natural beauty is very appreciated by lots of men. When you will start working, you will see that lots of guys will ask you to look as natural as possible. They will ask you to wear little or even no makeup. Take this advice into consideration and men will ‘’chase’’ you. 

Lifestyle and physique

Aside from looking stunning, you must be physically great. You don’t need to have a certain weight or height in this industry to attract wealthy men. You will be surprised to see how many gentlemen prefer curvy women. However, what you must do is to stay in shape. You must have a toned body and this is something you will get from exercise. Go to the gym on a regular basis or do a sport that you enjoy. This way, you will be in exceptional physical condition. 

You must be really fit whether you are tall, short, curvy or you have a supermodel physique. This is necessary if you want to work at the level of the elite. Also, don’t forget to eat as healthy as possible. A healthy diet is mandatory. Being part of this category of escorting means that there is no place for junk food or sweets. It is more than important to take good care of yourself. Avoid alcohol and smoking. 

Avoid sleeping less than eight hours a night. Avoid anything that could affect your skin or your overall health. By taking into consideration this advice, you will increase your chances to become a top escort. But don’t forget, once you get there, you need to stay there. Therefore, this means that you must continue with a healthy lifestyle. 

Education is really important

A high-class escort is not only beautiful and charming but very intelligent as well. She has a degree and she does lots of things to improve her general knowledge. Also, organic education is something you must have if you want to become a top escort. Organic education includes an interest in theatre, traveling, music, art, and opera, just to name a few. There is no school that can offer this type of education. You either have it or you don’t. 

A mixture of these two categories is required in a good elite high-end escort. This involves a way of upbringing in order to be exposed to this type of culture. Don’t forget that you are going to date wealthy and intelligent men. You must know what and how to talk to them so they don’t feel bored. You need to entertain them in all ways possible. These gentlemen need a beautiful and smart woman, especially if they are planning to invite her to an important event. 

You don’t want your client to feel embarrassed. You want him to feel proud to have you at his arm. You will never see a high-class escort who doesn’t know how to act in society or how to have interesting conversations. Therefore, if you have this quality, then your chances to work in the industry will highly increase. 


Style plays a very important role as well. In today’s social climate, this is an essential factor. Showing your shapes can be quite tempting but not in a long term. A high-class escort protects her image by choosing to wear decent clothes. She still manages to stay sexy and attractive, but by wearing decent clothes. 

Remember that the goal here is to be inconspicuous, elegant, and sophisticated at the same time. You must never be showy and shouting for attention for the wrong reasons. You will never attract nice and wealthy clients by showing your intimate body parts. So, keep this in mind and act like a real lady.