Some Quirky Anniversary Celebration Ideas

A wedding anniversary is a must-day to celebrate, and couples worldwide do that in many different ways. You may have also celebrated your anniversary differently, but we have some quirky celebration ideas that you haven’t tried yet. 

We are making you aware that you gotta have the guts to choose one and stick to it. Some ideas require you to lose a good weight from your wallet, where some test your willpower and dedication. 

But fun, love, laughs, and romance is guaranteed at the end of every celebration. 

Score More: Usually, articles tell you how to surprise your spouse on anniversaries, but we have something different for you. Ask your partner that you are both going to play a game on your anniversary. And the game is of surprising each other and then giving numbers for each surprise. The one who scores more will win. Unlike usual surprises, here you both know that you will be getting surprises. And the fun won’t end with a single surprise. If you want to spice it up more, you can have conditions like no one will buy anything from the market in the name of surprise.

A Tribal Wedding: You are married to each other, but it has happened in a way that you have seen a lot of times in your family. How about you plan to celebrate your wedding anniversary by having a tribal wedding? Do your research on the rituals of different tribes of your country related to marriage. Get dressed accordingly and perform the rituals to whatever extent you can inside your home. Having wedding attendees is your choice. 

Flood Of Cakes & Flowers: Both the flowers and the cakes are among the most-selling items for wedding anniversary celebrations. But almost all the celebrations have only cake and few flowers. You can have some quirkiness in your celebrations. The idea is to stuff your home with beautiful flowers to surprise your beloved one and order cakes equal to the number of your wedding anniversary. And as we know, you won’t be able to eat all the cakes, keep one cake for yourself and pack remaining cakes and donate to needy ones reading in your area. To ease the task, you can take the help of online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or wherever you live. 

Exchange Duties For A Day: Something like this happens in some households on Saturdays and Sundays, but we are sure that no one has ever tried it to celebrate either wedding anniversary. Exchanging duties include household work such as kitchen, cleanliness, laundry and outside work such as going to the market to bring something. The biggest twist that this idea will bring for the anniversary celebration is that the wife will be arranging for a dinner date, and the husband will be waiting for the lovely surprise. They never show something like this in movies!!!

Let’s Celebrate Anniversary Week: Do you want to do it grand? What could be quirkiest than celebrating anniversary week and not just the anniversary day? Let the celebrations go on for a full week, including surprises, dinner and lunch dates, movie nights, and lots of romantic talks. Make sure that you get no one to disturb you. Take proper leaves from your offices for the full week and get all your other things done beforehand. You can also plan to celebrate your anniversary week in different countries. But you have to select nearby countries and not more than three. It is surely gonna be a hectic trip, but it is worth it to try and strengthen your relationship with your spouse. 

Dress To Win: Another fun way to celebrate your anniversary and to compete with your partner. As the name suggests, ‘Dress to win’ is a game where you both have to get dressed the way you did on your wedding day, just after breakfast. And you have to do the things throughout the day in the same dress. The first one to give up and take off the dress will lose. This celebration actually brings some fun and laughter to your relationship and provides you with some quality time. And it is a quirky one!