The Best Andaman Itinerary for First-time Visitors

Best Andaman Itinerary

Searching for a loosening up excursion beside turquoise oceans and brilliant sands? Andaman is your goal at that point. Find a tranquil way of life, copious regular magnificence and stunning history on this island heaven. What’s more, investigate the best of this goal with our Exotic Andaman Itinerary. To book ticket and visit by Spirit Airlines Flights


As we said previously, the spot is enjoyable for both the traditional visitors and the explorers the same. The rundown is a significant long one, yet the spots are largely worth your time. We will begin with the regular places and afterward go to the strange ones. 

Port Blair

Port Blair is the biggest town, it is additionally the passage point for the various islands. There are a couple of spots of enthusiasm for the town like the Cellular Jail, Samudrika Marine Museum, and water sports complex among others. What’s more, on the off chance that you need to visit a seashore, you can head towards the Corbyn’s Cove Beach. You can likewise appreciate water sports here.

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Activities in Port Blair:

Visit the Cellular Jail to see and comprehend the battle of the political dissidents who were sent to this corrective settlement for serving discipline. Try not to miss the light and sound show at night. It shows the tale of the Indian political dissidents and how India got autonomy through the light and sound show. 

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu is around 30 km from Port Blair and the spot is renowned for its nightfall and winged animal viewing. 

Wandoor Beach and Jolly Buoy Island

These 2 spots can likewise be secured on a day trip from Port Blair. Sprightly Buoy Island is a piece of Mahatma Gandhi National Park and the spot is acclaimed for its completely clear water and submerged coral reefs. Vessels to Jolly Buoy start at 9 am in the first part of the day from Wandoor and return by 3 pm. Thus, in the event that you are intending to take a ride to Jolly Buoy, it would be ideal if you reach Wandoor before 9 am. 

Chatham Saw Mill

The Chatham Saw Mill is the most established and biggest sawmill in Asia. In any case, this isn’t the main explanation that you should visit the sawmill. The historical backdrop of the plant begins from when Lt. Archibald Blair arrived at Port Blair in 1789 to set up a British settlement there, all the more so as an expelling place for the convicts. The sawmill was before used to take into account the necessities of the west. 

North Bay Island

Take day outings to North Bay Island and Ross Island.  You can do scuba diving, swimming, stream skiing, ocean walk, and speed vessel ride here. The island is an hour ship ride from Port Blair Jetty. 

Ross Island (Netaji Subhash Chandra Dweep)

Ross Island is somewhere else that will leave you enchanted. This island was the recent capital of Andaman until 1941 when a quake wrecked the island. The island had markets, pastry kitchen, stores, workshop, water refining plant, church, tennis court, print machine, secretariat, medical clinic, graveyard, outdoor theater, and others. Today, everything has vanished with the exception of some old bedraggled structures, which housed a portion of these tourist spots. 

Generally, North Bay Island and Ross Island’s visits are done together in a day. 

Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

Havelock Island is the most mainstream island and furthermore gets the most noteworthy footfall of sightseers. Havelock brags of delightful and unblemished seashores, Turquo centers and the absolute best plunging glass-bottom Asia. In fact, snorkeling Beach is viewed as one of the most delightful seashores of Asia. You can lease a motorbike or scooter as we did and investigate the island. We prescribe you to go through at any rate 2 evenings at Havelock Island. Havelock Island is likewise an explorers’ joy. 

Activities in Havelock Island

Visit and appreciate an incredible time on the lovely seashores of Havelock Island. Visit the Radhanagar Beach during the nightfall and Kalapathar seashore during the dawn. Different seashores are Vijaynagar seashore and Govindnagar Beach. 

Laze around the Elephant Beach: Elephant Beach is around 20 minutes vessel ride from Havelock Island. With white sand and excellent coral reefs, the spot is an outright champ. Likewise, you can enjoy water sports like swimming, ocean walk and glass-base vessel ride here. 

You can likewise trek to the Elephant Beach from Radhanagar town. 

Wanting to visit Havelock Island? Here is a finished Guide to Havelock Island with all the subtleties. 

Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

This delightful island is an explorer’s heaven. The turquoise blue ocean waters and brilliant sandy seashores are a treat to the eyes. Aside from the perfect seashores, there is a characteristic extension at Neil Island. Shaheed Dweep is a little island and you can investigate the whole island in a day on a bike. Like in Havelock, you can contract a motorbike or scooter here as well and investigate the island. 

A visit to Neil Island or Shaheed Dweep should be possible on a day trip, yet remaining for a night is enthusiastically suggested. We adored the spot so much that we needed to remain back there.

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Spots traveled in Neil Island

Visit the wonderful seashores of Neil – Bharatpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, and the normal Beach. 

At Bharatpur Beach, you will discover a jumping place. You can go scuba jumping, glass base pontoon ride and swimming here also. 

Baratang Island

Baratang Island is arranged among South and Middle Island. It has lovely seashores, mangrove brooks, limestone surrenders, and mud volcanoes. Baratang Island is around 100 km from Port Blair and it takes just about 5 hours to reach and the states of the street are very poor. We are not disheartening, however, visit this spot just on the off chance that you like to investigate the obscure and are not scared by extended periods of time and poor states of the excursion. 

It would be ideal if you note that you will require a grant to visit the limestone caverns. 

Diglipur and North Andaman

This is maybe the best-stayed discreet of Andaman. North Andaman is yet an unexplored district of the island. It takes very nearly 12 hours to reach Diglipur by street from Port Blair. Be that as it may, when you are there, you will be hypnotized by the virgin magnificence of the spot. 

Spots to visit in Diglipur:

Ross and Smith Island: Ross and Smith’s islands are really two islands – Ross and Smith consolidated by a sandbar to make a solitary gathering of islands. The water is perfectly clear and the sand bar shows up during low tide. During the elevated tide, the sand bar vanishes leaving a path of water between the two islands. 

Lamiya Bay Beach: Lamiya Bay seashore denotes the lower region of the Saddle Peak, the most noteworthy top in North Andaman. 

Mud Volcano at Shyamnagar and Limestone cavern at Diglipur: Like in Baratang, you will see mud volcanoes in Shyamnagar in North Andaman. Limestone collapses Diglipur is otherwise called Alfred gives in and situated close Ramnagar Beach. You book the ticket and create any issues, solve by Turkish Airlines Customer Service.


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