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Things That’s A Child Knows About Cake Slice Box That You Don’t

Children always like to explore things while we adults are so busy in our daily routines. We have forgotten how to enjoy simple things in our life. Since children find fun in everything. Children have always been into eating and trying new things. The cake is one of the most favorite desserts of almost every child. Some may like to have a strawberry cake slice, or some may go for the vanilla ganache.Cake Boxes

Used Cake Slice Boxes Can Be A Source Of Diy:

As everything is always tempting to children so they also love to do something with the cake slice box too. As my eldest one wishes to have a pink cake box or cake slice box as it is her favorite color. Later she makes a boat or an airplane with it. Sometimes she cleans it up with tissue paper and makes sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. Then she keeps her hairpins in it. Often, she keeps her change (coins) in it.

Sometimes she colors the simple plain cardboard cake box and cut out some beautiful mini cards for her teacher and fellows. A few days back I sneaked into her cupboard and found the colorful bits and pieces that were cut out of some printed cake slice boxes. As Father’s Day is approaching so she will bring something different with those cuttings. Therefore, nothing is useless. It is very good to recycle the products to protect our environment from pollution. It also prevents the spoilage of water and the yards of landfill spaces.

What Are The Cake Boxes Made Up Of?

These cake boxes are made up of either paperboard, kraft board, cardboard, or corrugated cardboard. These cardboard boxes are very much impressive and preference of every one of us. Most of the young generation is more attracted to the funky and cool cake box packaging rather than the taste of the cake slice.

 Most of our young one gets custom cake slice boxes on any occasion like the graduation, birth, or some other religious occasions like the christening of a child, aqeeqa ceremony in Muslims, etc. While some would not like to spend much upon these things. They go for the printed cake slice boxes for all occasions. They normally bring the cardboard in bulk from the market and get a printed Cake Slice Box and assemble it themselves. This shows their interest and love for others which they depict by doing everything from the scratch.

 Some go for the wholesale cake slice boxes and just add the homemade cake slices to celebrate their happiness. Therefore, there are a variety of children who help their parents in celebrating an event in their own way.

A Little About The Origin Of Cakes:

 The concept of cakes came around 1982 after the book named “Middle eastern Cookery”. It shared its most famous cakes, doughnuts as well as sesame biscuits with all religions around the world at their events. While these kinds of cakes are still very much countable as snack in Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Egypt, and turkey. Gradually it modified and cakes with multiple types of toppings packing are being made now.

Initially, the primitive piece of cloth-like fur was used as cake slice boxes. Plaiting and weaving were performed to convert fiber into the felts which were later used for wrapping gift items. The paper packing is very much easy and flexible.

Later, old linen rags and flax fibers were used for this purpose. In 1817 the most famous cake box was made by Australia. The cake box is really a blessing as it keeps the cake in its place. It prevents the cake from flies and other bug attacks. This box needs to be strengthened as most of us carry it with our hands so it should be strong enough to bear the weight of the cake.

Importance Of Cakes And Cakes Slices In Our Lives:

Traditionally cake has been considered a portion of food for sharing happiness, joy or, the grief. It also represents birthdays as well as celebrations and friendships. A boss may share a sweet treat with his colleagues upon getting promoted or a successful business deal. It is cut upon the wedding by the happy couple who will spend the happy life together after getting married.

Sometimes it is offered at funerals too and can be shared as a conduit to unite the team all together as an office. Although the cake is the most demanded sweet for every occasion and as a dessert of every party. It is somehow sold at cake bakes by the charity foundations to raise some money for the cause.

A friend may treat his fellows with cake upon achieving some success in college or university. It has always been an easy-to-go dessert for family gatherings or picnics. None of us can deny its usefulness. Therefore, since ancient times cake has always been our favorite food no matter, we consider it healthy or unhealthy but still, we cannot resist munching upon it.


We the oldies are not doubted a gold, but our children are one of the biggest gems in our lives. We are not into the things and especially the recycling of the products. But our children have more information and interest in these things, and they spend their valuable time in making something innovative and different. Using the cake slice boxes for some DIYs is very common among these children. Although we use to through them as a pile of rubbish. They make so much out of them which plays a vital role in protecting our ecosystem. Recycling is one the most important task of this era.

My eldest one comes up with dollhouses, wall hangings, decorations, wallets, cards, money keeping piggy banks with these leftover cake boxes or cake slice boxes. While some of her friends have designed the custom cake slice boxes, printed cake slice boxes themselves for different occasions. We as their parents are really proud of them.