Corona-virus Free Destinations

Top 8 Corona-virus Free Destinations After COVID 19

As we all know that CoronaVirus has spread all over the world, which was identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. But according to Global tracking kept by John Hopkins University, there are still few countries that have not yet reported any COVID-19 cases and are not on the list so far.

Top 8 CoronaVirus free destinations that are still unaffected are :

  • North Korea

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), North Korea has no confirmed COVID-19 cases till now. In coordination with the Ministry of health, North Korean’s took various preventive measures to resist this dangerous virus and that’s why the risk is very low. They adapted wide-ranging and well-organized testing kits in the world to trace and quarantine infected people and arrange to isolate hospitals and hotels.

This country really showed us that without shutting the economy also we can fight with this dangerous virus. North Korea’s effective methods really helped them in beating this virus. They kept hospitals clear for serious patients and also opened testing centers that test people in just 10 minutes and give reports within an hour.

  • Tajikistan

Tajikistan stated that there are still zero COVID 19 cases and people are living normal lives, as usual, schools are open and markets are crowded but they canceled all international flights and imposed restrictions on people returning from abroad. People who are planning to travel outside the country for work or personal reasons had to cancel their plans for safety purposes.

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Despite the virus is already in its neighboring Central Asia, there is no official order to use face masks or cover the face. The World Health Organization has appealed to cancel upcoming celebrations but the Tajik authorities disregarded and commenced a fresh football season and continuing with events.

  • Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan has not reported any single case of Coronavirus till now. Where the whole world locked down their population, the people of Turkmenistan were holding a mass cycling rally on World Health Day, 7th April 2020 which clearly shows that it is still uninfected and people are living their usual life. On 20 March 2020, the government sealed off Ashgabat and is also using effective methods to save their people. The word “Coronavirus” has been removed from the health information brochures and state media is also not giving any information about COVID 19. However, in coordination with UN agencies, Turkmenistan is trying all possible ways to tackle this problem.

  • Comoros

Where the Coronavirus has become a global problem, Comoros admitted that there are no COVID 19 cases yet. It donated funds to China to fight with this virus. The people were strictly following the rules set by the authorities which ultimately reduced the risk. Comoros require 14 days quarantine and medical certificates of people who were coming from infected areas.

  • Tuvalu

Tuvalu has announced that it is completely Corona free but it completely banned traveling and announced strict restrictions to travelers or require 14 days isolation medical clearance before entering. State of Emergency was announced by authorities on 20 March and again tightened their rules. However, it has only one hospital with limited medical equipment, so the authorities are trying their best to get rid of this dangerous virus without losing a single person.  Even without any confirmed case, Tuvalu is changing itself rapidly to protect its people.

  • Syria

Till now Syria has zero suspected cases of COVID 19. To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, it canceled all public events, large gatherings and closed all schools. The Education Minister announced that the schools will remain closed till 2 April 2020 and flights are also suspended from and to infected countries. The government opened more than a dozen quarantine centers to keep the country safe from the Coronavirus attack. Iran was its key ally in the Civil war but due to this virus, unfortunately, Syria closed its ties.

  • Samoa

Samoa admitted that there are no COVID 19 cases yet and it is completely corona free. The World Health Organization (WHO) is continuously supporting Samoa by providing face masks, gloves, surgical gowns for doctors, nurses, patients, and infrared thermometers to check people to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Samoa’s authorities took the right decision at the right time and banned traveling. The Government also established stringent quarantine measures for COVID 19 because it deals with intense criticism of its handling of the measles epidemic to keep its people safe and away from Coronavirus.

  • Vanuatu

Vanuatu is also not on the list which means it is also COVID 19 free. Here the government has not set a travel ban but travelers have to show a medical certificate stating that they had completed 14 days quarantine before entering Vanuatu. On 19th March, the people of Vanuatu had a general election which was supported by the population by standing two-meters apart and by using hand sanitizer at polling booths. COVID 19 is not an issue here and people are living normal lives. Even sending COVID-19 test samples to overseas laboratories and getting reports after seven days and also using relative isolation as strength to put the wall up.

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So, to protect yourself and others stay at home and self-isolate from people, maintain safe distance, wash hands often, use face masks and sanitizer.  Try to clean frequently touched surfaces by using soap and water.  This virus is a danger it’s spread one person to another who is in close contact with each other.

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