Truck Accident Injuries

Truck Accident Injuries You Should Know About

Despite its large size, semi-truck crashes are rare, but they do result in serious truck accident injuries. Fatalities are rare in collisions between semi-trucks and small passenger cars. While most survivors suffer from soft tissue damage and muscle strains, the spine is particularly susceptible to serious injuries. Discs, the cushion-like cartilage between the vertebrae, act as shock absorbers between the two. If injured, discs can bulge, leak, or herniate, resulting in a range of symptoms.

Common types of truck accident injuries

Truck accidents are notorious for their serious injuries. Injuries to the head and neck are common and range from whiplash to traumatic brain injuries. Among other types of injuries suffered by truck accident victims are fractured bones and dislocations of joints. These injuries often cause debilitating pain and expensive medical bills. Broken bones are common among truck accident victims, and the force of the collision can damage the muscles and nerves around a broken bone.
Another common injury is a broken rib. A broken rib causes pain in the chest area and increases with pressure applied to the injured area. A rib fracture can also puncture a lung or cause internal damage. A broken rib is a severe injury that should be treated by a physician as soon as possible. A broken rib can cause serious problems, such as internal bleeding and even death. As a result, victims of truck accidents should seek medical care as soon as possible.
Damages that can be recovered from negligent parties

Damages that can be recovered from negligent parties

A truck accident can be caused by the negligence of many different parties, and the injured party may be entitled to compensation under a number of different theories of liability. For example, a defective truck tire or faulty brakes could cause an accident. In such a case, the trucking company may be held liable if its employee failed to use reasonable care in the circumstances. A truck accident lawyer can investigate your case and determine who is at fault.
Although proving fault is vital to winning a lawsuit involving a truck accident, the process can be complicated. Often, the accident victim must wait until his or her injuries are fully healed, or until the long-term effects are known, to determine how much compensation is owed to them. However, if you are a victim of truck accidents, you should know that you can recover full compensation for your injuries and expenses if the other party was negligent.

Impact on life

The force of a truck accident can cause devastating injuries to the body, including spinal cord damage, paralysis, and amputation. Serious spinal cord injuries require months or years of therapy and care. Some sufferers must find new ways to walk or live without a wheelchair or walker. Other victims may suffer from infection or loss of a limb. However, all truck accident injuries can leave a victim with lasting damage. This is why you need the help of professionals like
Serious injuries to the brain and spinal cord are common in truck accidents, and can lead to significant medical bills and even life-long limitations. In addition to medical costs, a spinal cord injury can cause lifelong pain, disability, and emotional problems. Moreover, flammable cargo carried by trucks can also cause a fire as hot as 1,500 degrees. The fire may spread to other vehicles involved in the accident, causing severe burns. Some victims need reconstructive surgery or skin grafts.