What You Need to Know About Newest Google’s Local Algorithm Update


Business owners and webmasters are noticing adverse impacts in their “Google My Business Performance,” especially after the launch of Google’s New Local Algorithm Update. Because of this latest update, significant changes have occurred in the local search result rankings. It is referred to as the most prominent local search algorithm update to date, and it has changed the face of local pack and finer snippets. Businesses are observing ranking drops, and their business is missing from map finder spot and local pack. 

The New Google Local Algorithm update has garnered the nickname “Possum.” Many businesses have started believing that their listings are removed, and hence they are not in the SERPs. But in reality, businesses are only filtered and not eradicated. This new algorithm update has genuinely changed the way your listings appear on the local SERPs. But with the help of best SEO company in India, it is still possible for your business listings to reappear. Below are a few things that you need to know about the New Google Local Algorithm Update. 

Necessary to Maintain Proximity to the Searchers      

It is essential now to maintain proximity to the searchers. It is the crucial ranking factor in the latest local algorithm update. In the analysis, it is found that the listing rankings have been dropped in zip codes where the businesses are not actually in. SEO companies have also reported that the distance between the results in the local pack and search location has been minimized significantly. It has been reduced to half. 

But, there is a sense of relief. Since the latest algorithm update is mainly focused on proximity, all businesses operating locally outside the city’s limit can now show up for all the searches. 

No Impact for Service Area Businesses

Along with the algorithm update, Google has also announced some restrictions for service areas that businesses can now add in their listings. There is a limit to add only 20 cities, postal codes, or districts per listings. Many companies thought that the New Google Local Algorithm update is based on service area businesses, but in reality, it just the reverse. If you change the service area geographic in your “Google My Business,” it will do no wonders, and your ranking will remain the same in areas you have chosen.

Precise Local Citation Information is Must

Businesses need to ensure that their local citation information is precise and accurate. It is another important ranking factor in the update. Ensure that the information available on all your listing pages is correct, relevant, and 100% genuine. All duplicate listings must be removed to avoid the penalties. If possible, create a new local citation for every opportunity. 

Seeking Customer Reviews

Customers are considered to be the most prominent supporters and advocates. The same applies to all businesses as of now, and it is no different in local search as well. If your listing has more reviews with keywords relevant to your businesses, then your business is likely to show up for all the related searches. The content in your listings must be crawl friendly which can be crawled by Google. It will influence the rankings significantly, indeed. So, look for ways to get more relevant reviews, especially the favourable ones. 


To help your business flourish in between this new local search landscape and New Google Local Algorithm update, you have to improvise your local search strategy and emphasize on accuracy, relevance, and credibility. You may seek the help of an experienced seo company in Gurgaon to stay updated. Ensure you create citations at every opportunity you get, look for customer reviews whenever possible, and give the local search engines accurate and relevant information about your business. Following these steps can help your business to excel and beat the New Google Local Algorithm update. It will also help you maximize your chances to show up for all the local searches online, which your business deserves.

Consistency is vital, and you have to ensure that your business is available everywhere possible. Every business website must include “Google My Business Page,” which is essential for consistency. Plus, include all information relevant to your business, including description, business category, and images that help your listings to perform optimally. Above all, respond to your customer’s reviews positively.     


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