Why is there less sex as the relationship progresses?


Sex is a fundamental part of any successful romantic relationship. However, it is not uncommon for people who are married or living together to have less sex over time.

Over the years, the frequency and the way people behave affectively and sexually changes. There is nothing wrong or absurd about this, but when the frequency of relationships drops so much as to affect the affective relationship, it is time to rethink this important connection. With this in mind, Skokka decided to take a closer look and consult the experienced escorts in Bhubaneswar.

Factors that may be related to decreased libido

The distractions created by the Internet, too much work – which sometimes ends up being taken home – the difficulty of juggling all the household activities, and even caring for children, if they have them. All these may be possible reasons for the decline in sex among couples who have been together longer.

In addition, there are couples who get carried away by routine, always going on the same trips, always watching the same shows… without innovating in bed. All this contributes to a decrease in desire, or to one of the partners looking for that special touch that he/she lacks in an escort from New Zealand.

Factors that may be related to decreased libido

There are other factors, such as psychological health, daily stress, unbalanced diet and lack of sleep, which also have a direct influence on desire and libido.

Libido levels are something that can vary greatly from one person to another, and even throughout the day, depending on the personal and/or hormonal characteristics of each individual, and sometimes even on external conditioning factors.

This is explained in chemistry; most of our actions, feelings and behaviours are the result of the explosion of biochemical reactions that occur in our bodies.

However, this is something that seems to be more common among women than men. According to research, women experience a decrease in sexual desire throughout their relationships. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that the more intense desire in the beginning is due to the need to connect intimately with a partner, and over time, this desire is minimised.

Another important issue is that the greater the amount of sex, the greater the desire, and therefore, the opposite can also occur. That is, after a period of time without having sex, the body gets use to not having sex; and even becomes ‘lazy’ before a new encounter.


 What to do when sexual frequency decreases? 

Skokka has prepared a list of actions thanks to the advice of the gorgeous British escorts that can surely help:

1. Plan work, but also leisure:

It is very common that in long relationships, those involved start working on their personal projects or for the couple; forgetting that moments of relaxation are also necessary; which can be a dinner out, a movie session at home; or simply not doing anything together, which helps to re-establish the connection between the two of them.

2. Dare to try new things:

A new pair of lingerie, a new sex toy and, why not, try that much-talked-about kamasutra position. Anything goes to spice things up a bit.

3. Communication is vital:

Communicating the likes and dislikes, not just in bed but in all aspects of the relationship, can help avoid many problems, including the headache of a decreased libido.

 4. Keep your body and mind in shape:

Exercise regularly, take care of yourself, meditate, do pilates, yoga… These actions are knows worldwide, but sometimes, in the rush of everyday life, people put them to one side. Maybe it is the right time to take them up again and feel an improvement; not only physically but also relationally. 

5. Investigate the erotic personality. Knowing oneself:

When someone does not know themselves, it is more difficult to fulfil point 3, which is communication. It is important to take advantage of the moments alone; to touch oneself, masturbate and explore the sensations that these practices entail.

6. Break down sexual prejudices and keep an open mind:

Some people say they want to try new things; but are afraid or embarrassed to tell their partner, and may feel judged or prejudiced. This happens a lot with anal sex, for example, where many women have the fetish; but don’t do it because they think they will socially condemned. So, nothing better than talking to your partner and if it is a mutual desire, why not?

Sex is good for health, connects people and relieves stress. And studies show that sexually active couples tend to stay together longer. So why not take action to bring desire back to the way it was in the beginning?


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