Five Effective Strategies for Delivering Quality Customer Service

Effective Strategies for Delivering Quality Customer Service

They say that the customer is the king in the business. Using this logic, happy customers bring in repeated businesses and revenue. They also ensure that companies are successful in both the short and long run. Well, the key to keeping customers happy lies in customer service. You’re about to learn the strategies for delivering customer service.

Larry Weltman Toronto is a professional customer service representative for AccessEasyFunds, a Canadian-based company. Thus, feel free to take his advice.

These are the proven ways to keep your customers smiling and happy. So, the practical strategies are:

  • Remember The Rule About Best Friends.

You always flocked to the friendliest kids in class when you were in school. Similarly, your customers will keep coming back for more if you deliver friendly and professional customer service. “The right attitude changes the negative customer experiences into positive customer experiences,” says Flavio Martins. It means having a smile both on your face and in your voice. Larry Weltman Toronto’s main reasons for success were maintaining friendly relationships with his customers and treating them with respect.

  • Jack Was Fast, Jack Was Nimble, Jack Jumped Over The Candlestick.

Ah yes, that ubiquitous nursery rhyme. You may wonder how it relates to excellent customer service. It does by delivering a key message. Jack was successful because he was quick. Similarly, you will provide great customer service that always has your customers happy and returning if you address and resolve their issues quickly and to their satisfaction. It would help if you were sure to do this with their most pressing problems.

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  • Know The Products Like The Back Of Your Hand.

So the trick here is to know your products so well that you can describe them in your dreams. Let’s face it; your customers will ask you detailed questions about every aspect of the brands that you sell. You’ll get more embarrassed if you’re able to answer these questions to their satisfaction. You’ll leave them unimpressed at what they perceive to be your lack of professionalism. Rest assured that they’ll be doing business with your competitors in no time.

Perfect and comprehensive product or service knowledge also means that you can troubleshoot any issue they may have to their complete satisfaction. After all, you’d be making a big mistake in assuming that your brands are bug-free and, therefore, will always function perfectly.

  • You Must Listen To Your Customers.

Customer service is all about pleasing people to make sure that they return. So it makes sense that you need to listen to their concerns, issues, complaints, and compliments about your brands. It helps to boost their loyalty. But don’t just listen to what they say. Remember that nonverbal gestures are just as important, so be sure to pay attention to those as well.

  • Remember What Your Parents Told You.

No, it’s not, “don’t talk to strangers!” It’s always saying thank you. Thank you is more than just a compliment. Your customers will know that you see them as real people with real issues when you always make a habit of saying thank you after they do something good like make a purchase from you. It’ll emotionally touch them, and emotionally touched people tend to do repeat business.


So if you remember these strategies for excellent customer service, you can rest assured that you’ll always have satisfied and happy customers. These people will want to do business with you repeatedly. As Shep Hyken – Conor J. Wilson said that “The key is when a customer thinks, ‘Wow, I love doing business with them, and I want to tell others about my experience.” What’s even better is that they’ll be sending lots of referral business your way!


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