Ship Your Car: 10 Step Guide To A Successful Transport

Ship Your Car: A Ten-Step Guide To A Successful Transport

Are you planning to shift to another city? Are you looking for a way to a transport your car or bike to another city and don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry we have got your back.

We at Logisticsguru Limited understand your concerns and doubt about how to transport your car and that’s why the following is a ten-step guide regarding how you can carry out car transportation successfully and if you’re looking for car transport in Delhi then this is for you.

  1. Submit The Information

When our representative contacts you regarding the information about your cars, such as the model, the year of manufacturing, the origin location to pick up the car, basic information of the receiver and the destination.

Make sure the information you provide is correct, also let us know any additional information like if there’s a problem in starting the car or in the brakes and whether the vehicle is running or not. All this information helps you get the estimated cost to transport your car which is calculated through our car transport cost calculator.

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2. Get  Free Quotes

You should look up for the best and affordable car transport in Delhi which you can easily decide online and get quotes to find for the one which suits you the best.  Once you choose us, our team member will contact you and will share the requirements needed to complete the procedure.

3. Choose Your Service

We offer two types of services i.e door to door and terminal to terminal. In, door to door service, your vehicle will be picked from your house and will be transported to the doorstep of your desired destination. While in terminal to terminal service your vehicle will be picked from our transport hub and will be transported to in transport hub of your destination. You will have to drive it to and from our transport hub.

4. Choose The Type of Transport Carrier

At Logisticsguru Limited, we offer two types of carriers i.e open carrier and closed carrier. Although both are equally safe but, you can choose one as per your needs and preferences. The costs can be a little higher for the closed carrier.

5. Photograph the car

Although, before picking up your car, we take the pictures for any visible scratches, dents or paint chips for our record. Just for your satisfaction you can also do the same as the pictures can act as extra insurance for you.

6. Get your doubts clear

As soon as you confirm the booking, our representative will contact you to verify the information. Such as the person of contact for both origin and delivery location just to double-check the information. If you have any kind of doubts or questions, you can communicate with our representative.

7. Check the final cost

Once you schedule the pickup and delivery dates, a contract will be emailed to you with the initial and final amounts. You will need to pay either during pick up or delivery.

8. Prepare your car

To get the car prepare to transport make sure there are at least 10 litres of fuel, the tires are inflated properly. Also, check for any personal possessions to ensure the secured car transport in Delhi.

9. Keep a track

As soon as your car is pick up, the driver will call you to give an estimate timeframe of when you can expect your car to be deliver. You can also keep a check on the live location of your car.

10. Delivery of the car

The driver or our representative will call you a few hours before your car is to be deliver. Once the car is unload you can verify the condition to check for the damage as we respect your concern which makes us the premium choice.

In today’s hectic world, everyone tends to travel owing to their work or any other activities. All they need is a proper and convenient transportation facility where they don’t need to bother for their comfort.

As a team, the company is logistically equippe for the transportation of cars with a high-end mechanism. Under the unit, the company tends to provide door to door vehicle transportation services.

Logisticsguru Limited serves the best when it comes to delivering compelling vehicle transport in Delhi. The services provided are in sync with the affirmation by the Indian government. With online cars transportation services to hassle-free transport, we have covered it all for our esteemed passengers.

We at Logisticsguru Limited are well verse with the responsibility of passengers’ safety while they board our car transportation services. In case you get in touch with us, we promise to deliver the safest car carrier in Delhi keeping in mind all the safety checks.


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